Who Says No? The Anthony Davis Edition

Anthony Davis Shows off his jersey

I think we all saw this coming Anthony Davis has requested a trade.

Now that the Knicks have well and truly kicked off trade season. I figured I’d fire up the old trade ESPN trade machine and see where if we can come up with a couple of realistic trades that benefit all involved.

Below I’ve put together a few destinations where we could conceivably see Pelicans pull the trigger on a deal and give A.D what he wants… An opportunity to consistently compete for a championship.

Philadelphia Trade Ben Simmons

Pelicans Get Ben Simmons, JJ Redick, Jonah Bolden, and Miami’s 2021 1st round pick.

76ers Get Anthony Davis

If you were Elton Brand tell me you wouldn’t think about doing this. You’d effectively be creating one of the greatest front courts anyone has ever seen, and, you’d still have enough cap space to go after another big free agent in the offseason. Can you imagine Kawhi, Embiid and Davis together? Opposing teams wouldn’t be able to score.

It’s hard to trade a guy like Ben Simmons especially when you consider he has a similar statistical impact as Magic Johnson had early in his career, and, we still don’t know how good he could be. But, on the bright side this is an opportunity for Simmons to have his own team and for the pelicans front office to put a team together that compliments Ben’s skillset (can you say 3 and D players?)

Who Says No? I’m not sure either team says no to this one.

Kyrie Becomes a Laker and A.D to Celtics

Pelicans Get Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram or Kyle Kuzma (whoever the Pels prefer), Jalen Brown, Michael Beasley, LA Lakers 2019 First Round Pick, 2019 Clippers Pick (Top 14 protected)

Lakers Get Kyrie Irving

Celtics Get Anthony Davis

Because of this weird rule the NBA has about not having more than one player on a super max rookie extension, the Celtics can’t trade for A.D without giving up Kyrie.

Kyrie said earlier this week that he’d be open to a reunion with LeBron, this, on the back on his comments about leadership and subsequent phone call with LeBron has me putting my conspiracy theory hat on. This trade makes a bit of sense, the Pelicans get some nice young pieces and a couple of picks they can use in a pretty strong draft or try and flip for more assets.

The Lakers and Celtics get two of the top 10 players in the league each a don’t give up a huge amount in terms of young talent. Kyrie and LeBron is a tried and true method to win and A.D will be in a starting lineup that will include some combination of  Rozier, Tatum, Hayward and Horford. With this much talent he could finally compete for a championship.

Who Says No? I think the Celtics say no to this one, unless they’re convinced Kyrie is leaving in Free Agency over the summer. The Lakers should probably get cold feet too, we still don’t know how good Lonzo, Ingram and Kuzma could be.

A.D Straight to Lakers

Pelicans Get Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Lakers 2019 First Round Pick, Lakers 2020 First Round Pick

Lakers Get Anthony Davis

A.D has made it pretty clear he wants to be a Laker. So the Lakers will hope this is enough to get the Pelicans to panic and move him quickly.

This trade is probably not the “best offer” the Lakers can out together however, it’s the best offer they can put up without completely emptying the cabinet (they could still throw in Hart and Kuzma).

This is a solid offer from the Pelicans they get a nice point guard and wing to pair with Jrue Holiday and some picks in the next two drafts. The only issue with the picks is that with LeBron and A.D on the same team chances are the picks aren’t going to land in the lottery.

Who Says No? Unless the Pelicans are in panic mode I think they should ask for more.

Side Note. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Lavar Ball flipout about his son playing in New Orleans?

Raptors Land A.D

Pelicans Get Serge Ibaka, OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, 2021 1st round pick (unprotected)

Raptors Get Anthony Davis

This is a great trade for the Raptors. In one swoop they become the best team in the East and probably have the type of team that could at the very least push the Warriors to 7 games in the finals.

Serge Ibaka isn’t the player he once was but he’s still capable of having an impact on defense and stretching the floor. The Pelicans also get two good young prospects who are already having an impact on the Raptors so early into their careers. The Raptors can’t trade their 2019 pick (already owed to spurs) or 2020 pick (can’t trade consecutive picks) but they’re really just a throw-in because chances are these picks fall somewhere in the 25 – 30 region.

Who Says No? The Pelicans say no to this one. Not quite enough assets to make a compelling offer.

Pelicans Completely Blow it up

Pelicans Get  Harrison Barnes, Goran Dragic, Josh Richardson, Bam Adebayo, Miamis 2019 First Round Pick (unprotected), Dallas’ First Round Pick (if falls 1-5)

Mavericks Get Jrue Holiday

Heat Get Anthony Davis

It wouldn’t be trade season without the Pat Riley and the Heat getting in on the act. They give up a fair bit but wouldn’t you to get A.D? In this scenario Justice Winslow gets to continue his role as point forward and has a legit option to pass too. Giving up Adebayo hurts but the heat still have Whiteside who is at least serviceable and next to A.D can just focus on playing D.

I love this trade for the Mavericks they get a guy who’s basically the perfect compliment to Luka Doncic, Jrue Holiday prefers to play off the ball in offense and is a great defensive guard. As the 3rd (or 4th) option on this team he could be deadly and in my view vaults the Mavericks into the contender conversation.

The problem with this trade is the Pelicans take on a lot of Salary (see Barnes and Dragic contracts).  But, the pels could flip them for more assets from a contender. Adebayo and Richardson provides the Pelicans a decent young foundation to start building on for long term success.

As with most of these other deals the picks are just a throw-in, they’re not particularly valuable given these two teams become contenders when this trade comes through.

Who Says No? I think the Pelicans say no to this one. But they seriously think about it. If the Pelicans think they can flip Barnes or Dragic for younger assets and/or a pick before the deadline then maybe they pull the trigger. New Orleans hasn’t exactly been a Free Agent destination so maybe they shouldn’t be too concerned about taking on salaries?


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