The NBL Gets its Very Own Jackie Moon

Lamelo Ball in comic book background

The NBL has landed itself their very own Jackie Moon. You guys remember Jackie Moon right? From the Movie Semi-Pro? The fearless leader of the Flint Michigan Tropics. The man who lead his team to victory in the Flint Michigan Megabowl against the NBA bound San Antonio Spurs? No? Perhaps you remember him as the singer of the number one disco hit ‘Love me Sexy’? Well, for those of you who don’t know Jackie Moon was the starting power forward and team owner for the now-defunct Flint Michigan tropics in the long-defunct ABA. It is said that he is one of the greatest active player/team owners in the history of sports.

Lamelo Ball and his manager Jermaine Jackson confirmed that they’ve purchased the Illawarra Hawks from the current owner. This comes after it was reported that the current owner had failed to repay a loan to the league. Lamelo spent last season playing with the Hawks alongside fellow import Aaron Brooks. He decided to forgo college (although he wasn’t eligible) and play in the NBL to prepare for the NBA draft.

Lamelo put up numbers in Illawarra. Averaging 17 points, 7 assists, 7.5 rebounds on 37% shooting each night. His time in the NBL looks to have all but cemented him as a lottery pick, if not a top 5 pick in the 2020 NBA draft. While it seems unlikely Lamelo will suit up again for the Hawks, it’s fun to think about the dynamic it could create and the comparisons between Jackie Moon and Lamelo Ball are easy to make.

Aside from the obvious (looking kinda similar and being listed at around 6ft 8′), they’re both incredibly entertaining. Wrestling a live bear is probably Jackie’s highlight. while Lamelo calling his shot and pulling up from half-court just because he can has to be a highlight. Additionally, a team source revealed that the Illawarra Hawks social media following, merchandise sales and season ticket sales grew exponentially from the season before in anticipation of Lamelo’s arrival. Jackie managed to sell out the Arena for the Tropics historic win in the Flint Michigan Mega Bowl.

Secondly, both have had moderate success in the music industry. Jackie Moon’s hist song ‘Love Me Sexy’ can be heard throughout Semi-Pro and seems to be a fan favourite. Who cares that it was stolen from his mother? Lamelo, on the other hand, has had an entire song dedicated to him. The song entitled ‘Lamelo Ball’ was written and performed by New Orleans Pelicans point guard and Lamelo’s brother Lonzo Ball. At the time this piece was written the song ‘Lamelo Ball’ had failed to chart.

Finally, the two men will always be bound by the fact that they are active players on the team that they own. Only time will tell which one will take the crown of “greatest active player/owner ever” for the moment it still belongs to Jackie but Lamelo has the next 20 years to cement his legacy.

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