Self Isolation Streaming List, Week 4: The ‘Immature Teen’ List

Well, here we go. Finally, I get to talk about my favourite streaming list. I may be 30 years old now, but I still appreciate a well-baked pie and a whole lot of McLovin. These are the movies that you probably wouldn’t show the kids, but the ones you can watch when you finally get them down to sleep.

If you were born in the 80s or 90s and have a chilled, not too easily offended sense of humour, you will enjoy this list. If you’re conservative, probably skip it or rewind back to comedy classics and finish that one-off.

The Immature Teen List:

American Pie (1,2,3 and Reunion) – Netflix

What can I say? To say that these are my favourite teen flicks is an understatement. Even better than warm apple pie. It all started back in 1999 when the first American Pie hit the big screen. Next was American Pie 2, followed by number 3 (The Wedding). The first three movies follow a group of 5 teenagers called Jim, Stifler, Finch, Oz and Kevin. The first movie, of course, is dedicated to their quest of losing their virginities at Prom. The second being about a rowdy summer at a beach house. And the final edition being about the wedding of Jim and Michelle (spoiler alert), but hey it’s called the wedding and has the two on the cover, so yeah.

When we thought it was all over, American Pie Reunion came out thirteen years later, and boy was it good considering. I would happily say that this is the most effective series of teen movies made.

Ps. Please ignore the other two American Pie movies made (The Naked Mile and The Book of Love). They aren’t part of this original series and embarrass the original series.

Euro Trip – Foxtel Go

A movie about a cheeky trip to Europe, involving boobs and hash brownies? Awesome! But shhh because Scotty doesn’t know, so don’t tell Scotty!

The rundown with this one is that Scott is betrayed by his girlfriend, who is actually cheating on him with Matt Damon (true story, he’s in this). In the midst of all this drama, he finds out that his pen pal who wants him isn’t a guy at all, but instead a hot European chick. Unfortunately, Scotty got himself blocked, which meant he needed to get straight on a plane with his three friends to track down Mika. If you’re a Manchester United Fan, you may like this one too.

Road Trip – Stan

Cheating is never good. It’s even worse when you accidentally send a video of yourself in the act to your girlfriend, who is also cheating on you. It’s even worse again when you find out your girlfriend wasn’t cheating but actually hasn’t responded to you because her granny died. A movie about a guy trying to get to the mailbox first, before his girlfriend sees the tape and ends their relationship. If this flick has taught me anything, it’s never send food back at a fast food place. Oh, and never let your friends drive your dad’s precious car.

21 And Over – Netflix

The age of 21 is very dangerous in the USA. I mean, you can drink, gamble and pretty much go crazy. Turning 21 isn’t that fun though when you’re Asian and studying to become a doctor. Your Dad sets those high expectations and you bring shame if you don’t have some fancy law or medical degree.

Luckily for Jeff Chang, he has some pretty chill mates that won’t take no for an answer. A wild night full of drinking, partying, frat houses and no memory of Jeff Chang’s address. What could possibly go wrong?

Superbad – Foxtel Go

I don’t quite know how to describe this one. It’s basically a teenage mess. The story is about two senior best friends (Seth and Evan) who are going to college. Unfortunately, they will be going to different ones, meaning that there has to be a final shit show. Luckily, Seth gets invited to a party where he plans to bring Evan and their friend ‘Fogell’, who is going to get them booze with his fake I.D. The teens become sceptical that the plan will work when they see the famous ‘McLovin’ I.D. I would say this is the most well known coming of age (highly immature) movie of all time.

The Breakfast Club – Netflix & Foxtel Go

This one is a classic. Another oldy (1985), but a definite fan favourite. You wouldn’t think that it would be that exciting watching five kids in a detention room for 1 hour and 37 minutes, but hey they made it work. Five kids with nothing in common stuck in a room together for 9 hours, how will they fare? If you’re an Emilio Estevez fan (Coach Bombay – Mighty Ducks), or were bound to a detention room in your younger days, you may love this one.

Bring It On – Amazon Prime

Oh no, a cheerleading movie. This one isn’t too bad, I mean it’s got, Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku. They did do a remake, so please make sure you watch the 2000 version and not the remake.

In short, there’s a cheerleading team who have been smashing it for years. The new head cheerleader, Torrance (Dunst) wants to continue her team’s great run but soon learns that the old head cheerleader has been stealing routines from another team. Feeling guilted and embarrassed, Torrance decides to create a new routine. Will it win them the title? Or will they come runner up to the team who got won them all those titles in the first place?

Old School – Stan & Foxtel

Sometimes life gets stale. You get married, have two kids and live the same day over and over again. What happened to the good times of waking up naked on your neighbour’s front lawn? The times that you couldn’t even remember, but somehow still remember to this day? (If that sentence even makes sense).

What if you could go back to college and start your own fraternity house? Well, that’s just what these three loser thirty-year-old blokes did. Starring Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn, you get what you would expect. This movie has mixed reviews but has still taken somewhat of a cult following. Give it a go

Scary Movie – Stan

I guess this was one of the first real spoof movies I can remember. I think it was done well, the only catch is for it to be funny, you have to have actually seen the movies that this one is mocking. I’d say most thriller lovers have seen Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, which is a good start. There are other little stabs at movies such as The Sixth Sense and The Matrix which add to the laughs. Scary Movie has also maintained a cult following, and although it has mixed reviews, it’s done pretty well at the box office. There were other Scary Movies made, but I would only watch 1 and 2.


Just missed: The Girl Next Door, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Not Another Teen Movie.


Next Week:

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