Self Isolation Streaming List, Week 5: The ‘Ones You May Not Know’ List

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Ok, I’ll admit it. My Mum introduced me to most of these movies, but I’m glad she did. I would say that a lot of these movies people wouldn’t know due to the age of the movies, as well as some probably not being as popular with people back in the day.

To me, all of these movies have something special about them, even though they aren’t mentioned much these days. Surprisingly as I researched how they rated with the general public; they were much more well-loved overall than any other list I’ve made. Unfortunately, they are a little harder to find as not many are on Stan or Netflix.

The Ones You May Not Know List

Waking Ned Divine – Amazon Prime

A very funny dark comedy about two cheeky fellows who live in the small village in Ireland, Tully More. The charismatic friends, Jackie and Michael learn of a local who has won the lotto, but who? They go on a hunt to butter up the winner, before discovering who the winner actually is. Luckily, it’s their good mate Ned. unfortunately, Ned had a heart attack while holding the winning ticket. When the Tattslotto man comes to the village to find Ned, he gets Ned alright, but he looks a bit different. Watch a village come together to deceive one of the richest businesses of them all.

Saving Grace – Amazon Prime

Another black comedy. Grace has been left a widow, but her irresponsible husband left her with a generous gift – a mountain of debt to pay off.

As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. Grace ends up assisting her gardener to grow his marijuana plants in her lively greenhouse. They do research and work together to make one hell of a crop. But will they have success in finding a dealer to sell their magic Mary J?

I love this movie as it reminds me of Waking Ned Divine – the aspects of a town working together and turning a blind eye to help a local. These movies really pluck the heartstrings.

Fried Green Tomatoes – Amazon Prime

This one reminds me a little of the Notebook. It starts off with a depressed woman in her 40s, Evelyn, meeting this elderly resident at a nursing home, Ninny. Ninny tells Evelyn a story about a couple of young girls around in her time. These girls were friends, one being Ruth, the timid and kind one, and one being Idgie, the stubborn tom-boy.

Ruth ends up leaving town, but eventually, returns after Idgie discovers that she is pregnant and being beaten by her abusive husband. Eventually, that asshole Frank Bennett ends up coming back for Ruth and causing harm to those close to her, before he mysteriously disappears. Did Frank die? And was Idgie to blame?

Mr Holland’s Opus – Amazon Prime

A struggling music composer turned high school music teacher. What was meant to be a casual teaching gig to support and have more quality time with his family, turned into a thirty-year teaching career. This took all the time away from his loving wife and deaf son, causing major issues.

Mr Holland devotes his life to teaching these kids, whilst constantly battling the school and government for their lack of respect for subjects such as performing arts and music. Unfortunately, Holland loses the fight in the end, but he soon discovers the mark that he has had on each and every one of his students. If you’re a teacher, the end scene really hits home.

Toy Soldiers – Stan

No, no, not small soldiers the movie about the toy soldiers who come to life and start trying to kill each other and people around them.

I stumbled across this movie one day while lying in bed on a Sunday afternoon. I know what you’re thinking now, this one couldn’t have done too well. You are correct, it didn’t do great at the box office, but I thought it was a well thought up flick.

Basically, a terrorist group takes over a high school of troubled students with very rich and well-known parents. The thing that they didn’t think of was that a few of these students were terrific at outsmarting authority. This one is an action-packed drama, with some sad results.

The Best Offer – Google Play

My wife and I came across this one unexpectedly. We saw that it starred Geoffrey Rush, so we thought why not?

This one was quite dark and mysterious which is why we loved it. It’s about a well-known art expert and a young heiress who hires him to sell a wide range of antiques and heirlooms. The story gets a bit creepier as Virgil Oldman starts to get feelings for this discrete woman who never shows herself.

I love this one because of the climax and the interesting twist that we all weren’t expecting.

Just Between Us – Google Play

Just Between Us is an Australian movie released in 2018. The story revolves around Hannah, a very boring office worker and Trixie, her childhood friend.  Hannah gets visited by the ghost of her late sister Bee, and utterly freaks out, as you would.

Hannah enlists the help of Trixie to accompany her on a journey to scatter Bee’s ashes in a faraway place that she never found. What you think will be a straight forward trip, turns into a whirlwind adventure which helps the girls to discover themselves. It’s a feel-good Aussie flick with a nice message.

Ps. Have a lookout for my name in the credits.

Shine – Google Play & Amazon Prime

Another Australian movie, starring Geoffrey Rush. Shine is a drama about an amazing pianist who followed his dreams, only to suffer a mental break down. This film is based on the true story of David Helfgott, although there is much debate about how accurate the portrayal of some of the characters is.

The movie is an emotional rollercoaster that demonstrates how far a person can fall once extreme pressure is thrust upon their shoulders. Definitely worth watching to see if David can rise back up to show everyone what a truly outstanding musician he truly is.


Just Missed the Cut:

The Cobbler – Adam Sandler (good for your average afternoon movie).

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