Self Isolation List, Week 6: The ‘Tear Jerker’ List

Picture of Marley the Labrador

The last five weeks have been lists filling your hearts with joy. Now I’m going to do the unthinkable, and tear your hearts into pieces. I’ve seen a few sad movies in my time, so I thought I would make this list for the people who want to see their emotions out-pour, or simply those who are already feeling crap and want to let it all flow out.

Some of these are sad because they involve losing loved ones and some involving losing pets (the worst!) And some involve events in history that are still incomprehensible to this day. Pull out the tissue box (I think they’re back on the shelves) and enjoy.


Me Before You – Stan

I stumbled across this movie a couple of years ago. It’s about a girl called Louisa who is hired to keep a man company and lift his spirits after he has been left a quadriplegic. Will hates life and wants to end his life as he was once successful, yet now cannot do anything for himself.

Again, the writer of this one decided to be cruel. Will’s girlfriend at the time of his accident, Alicia has moved on and is getting married to Will’s best friend. Even though Will ends up attending the wedding with Louisa, it is still a harsh blow.

It gets happy at one point, don’t worry, they fall in love. Louisa opens Will’s eyes to the world and makes him laugh again, but will this be enough to cancel his appointment for assisted suicide in Switzerland?

Marley and Me – Amazon Prime & Google Play

Any movie involving the life of a family dog is always sure to be a killer. They call dogs man’s best friend for a reason.

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star in this movie about their life with Marley, their beautiful Labrador. The movies sees John and Jennifer go through highs and lows of life including having kids and post-natal depression.

This one ends the way you’re thinking, even though you won’t like it. Another dog movie that I actually enjoyed much more than this one was ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ which was released in 2017, which has a slightly happier ending.

About Time – Google Play

Time travelling movies haven’t been made before, so I thought I’d write about one here. Yes, it’s sarcasm and I know three million have been made. This time travel movie is a nice one but is also very sad as well.

Tim Lake discovers that he has the ability to go back in time. In fact, so does his Father, as this gift is passed down. His father encourages him not to go back for reasons of improving wealth, so Tim decides to use the power to improve his love life.

Unfortunately, Tim learns that although he can go back in time to save something such as a car crash from happening, that this could change the future in other negative ways. Tim learns that his Dad has terminal cancer and that it cannot be fixed with time travel.

Another nice movie that teaches us about how lucky we truly are and to appreciate living every day to the fullest.

A Walk to Remember – Stan

Well, this one is definitely depressing. A coming of age movie about a rebellious teen named Landon getting into serious trouble after a prank goes wrong. He gets a choice of punishment and chooses to be in the school play where he gets to know Jamie better. Jamie is a churchy girl who agrees to help Landon in the play, providing he doesn’t fall in love with her.

Landon and Jamie do fall in love (of course). As their love blossoms, Jamie reveals the reason she is not planning for the future is because of Leukemia. Landon does everything in his power to help her, even going to visit her estranged father who is a doctor.

It’s a beautiful movie, but will most likely leave you feeling sad, yet more appreciative of the life you have.

P.S I Love You – Netflix

Picture this. You’re married to the love of your life, and all of a sudden, they die. Not a great start to a movie. Well, this happened to Holly (Hillary Swank). Her husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) ended up dying of a brain tumour, but if it’s the last you see of Butler in the flick, you’re mistaken.

Holly is lost and confused, pulling herself away from all those close to her. Next thing you know, on her 30th birthday, Holly has a cake delivered from her late husband along with a note. Gerry actually plans to lead Holly on a journey from beyond the grave (creepy, I know). I guess it’s sad because of the beginning and the hardship of losing a loved one, but it ends kind of happily. Lucky for Holly, she had a top-notch guy who wanted her to live her life and move on in order to be happy.

Up – Disney Plus

Now this one was a little tricky to put in. It’s actually not a tear-jerker, but the opening scene, my gosh! If the first few minutes of Up don’t destroy you emotionally, I fear that you’re probably missing a soul.

The movie starts. A boy who doesn’t say much meets Ellie, an adventurous girl who brings him out of his shell. They grow up together. Their life is shown through a flash of slides and most people will be able to relate. They plan holidays and babies. They plan a lot, and well things don’t always go to plan. If you want to cry, but don’t want to sit for the whole movie, just watch the first 5 minutes and you’ll see what I mean.

This is actually one of my favourite new Disney Pixar movies. I highly recommend it.

Titanic – Amazon Prime

Another one that isn’t actually sad through the whole movie. It’s actually sorts of exciting and adventurous. Unfortunately, this is based on a true event where many lost their lives, all because of the overconfidence of a silly architect and the arrogant high class.

The end scenes of the Titanic when the ship is starting to sink, unbeknown to many on board, sends an eerie feel through the air. I guess we know it happens, but the realisation at how many young kids died, as well as so many people, being left without their partner really hits home. Something that could have been prevented.

I like to joke about the selfishness of Rose, not sharing that door with Jack. There was plenty of room, they even proved it on MythBusters.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – Stan & Foxtel Go

Wow. Oh wow.

Two young, innocent boys from different sides, talking from the opposite side of a fence. This one is about the Holocaust, one of the most depressing times in history. When you combine that with innocent children not knowing they’re on different sides, you have one depressing movie.

This movie follows the lives of those two 8-year-old boys, Bruno and Shmuel. Bruno is the son of a Nazi Commander and Shmuel is a Jewish prisoner. The sad part about this movie is that we know what happened to Jewish inmates during these times. We wouldn’t wish this on anyone, especially a little boy. The movie takes a turn though, and not in a happy way.

Schindler’s List – Foxtel Go

Another Holocaust movie. I watched this one for the first and only time in Year 11 English class. I don’t know why they had to traumatise us and make us realise that this terrible event happened. Movies are always more upsetting when you know it’s based on real events.

Schindler is a German businessman who is friendly with the Nazis, but at the same time hires Jews as workers, in order to keep them away from the concentration camps. He uses all his power to save as many as possible.

Although this one has a slightly happy ending, it is merely happy for the ones who were saved and survived their cruel fate, all thanks to Schindler.


Just Missed the cut:

My Girl – apparently one of the saddest movies, but not my cup of tea.

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