Hiannick Kamba’s Bizarre Disappearance and Reappearance

Photo of Hiannick Kamba and His Team

You could be forgiven for not knowing the name Hiannick Kamba and, that in 2016 he allegedly disappeared and until recently was presumed dead.

Hiannick Kamba was/is a Congolese born Soccer (or Football) player who migrated with his family to Germany in 1986. In 2005 his family was deported back to the Congo. Hiannick however, was given German residency and allowed to stay due to his status as an elite football prospect.  

He’d been a highly regarded right back prospect in the Schalk 04 youth system. While never making an appearance for the first team he did play 19 times for the reserves before bouncing around the lower tiers of German football between 2008 and 2016. He last played for VB Huls in the 7th tier of German football during the 2015-16 season before retiring sometime in 2016. 

Hiannick, while visiting his native Congo in 2016 took a trip with his friends to the interior of the country. At some point during this trip, his friends left him. They took his money, his identity documents and his phone. He later (sometime in 2018) reported to the German embassy in the Congo’s capital Kinshasa.   However, with no identifying documents the process to confirm his identity took quite some time. And, in 2020 was discovered by the German tabloid Bild back in Germany working in Gelsenkirchen as an energy supplier.

Now here’s where the story starts to become a little dark. Back in 2016, Hiannick’s wife produced a Congolese death certificate to an unnamed insurer. With this death certificate, she was able to claim Hiannick’s life insurance policy and received a 6 figure payout. 

Now that Hiannick has been found alive and well, his now ex-wife is being investigated by German prosecutor Anette Milk

It’s clear that something quite strange has happened here, and we certainly haven’t heard the end of the story. Even more bizarrely the two are alleged to share a (now) 10-year-old daughter. Which begs the question Why didn’t Hiannick reach out to his ex-wife or daughter upon his return to Germany? And, for that matter how did Hiannick manage to survive in the Congo for the last 4 years with no documentation or money? and, if Hiannick isn’t dead how was his Ex-Wife able to produce a death certificate from the Congo? 

Keep an eye out on our homepage as this story progresses. 

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