Self Isolation List Week 7: The ‘Revenge’ List

Photos of Key Characters in the Movies listed

You may have noticed that I have stopped writing ‘stay tuned for next week’s isolation edition blah blah blah’. That’s because it looks like isolation rules are easing in SOME states, and nobody is going to have time to watch these movies with all the partying going on. When I say partying, I mean hosting your groups of 2, and not reliving the Corey Worthington saga of 2008.

This week I wanted to focus on a great genre. Now I’m not one for violence of course, but when it is well deserved, why not? I’ve dipped into my favourite revenge movies, some being older but many surprisingly being new. When I say new, I mean in the last 15 years or so.

If you like justice done and enjoy bad guys getting what they deserve, sit back and enjoy these gruesome rippers!


The Shawshank Redemption – Netflix & Foxtel Go

Good old Shawshank. When you look up top movies of all time, you’ll see this one at the top of many lists. Pulp Fiction usually follows, at number 2.

This movie tells the tale of an innocent accountant, Andy Dufresne, put into jail for a crime he did not commit. While in jail he befriends ‘Red’ (Morgan Freeman), a popular inmate that can get him anything from the outside. Over the years Andy works his way up in the prison ranks, and soon enough gains the trust of the warden. Even though the warden trusts Andy with his dodgy funds, he doesn’t like him enough to grant his freedom when the truth is uncovered. Instead of releasing him, he does the unthinkable.

This is an amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the one out of any that I would watch in my lifetime.

Law Abiding Citizen – Stan

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx star in this action-packed drama about an honest man who loses his wife and child in horrible circumstances. Unfortunately, innocent people get killed in this one, and it’s a difficult one to support the good guy of the movie, as he’s also technically the antagonist too.

Clyde Shelton has his wife and child taken away from him by two thugs. One of the assholes goes the extra mile during the crime spree. Not only did this put the dagger in Shelton’s heart, but the bigger asshole crim was let free after ten years, which leaves Clyde confused and angry.

Ten years is a long time to hatch up a master plan. The law isn’t always fair, and Clyde is going to get his revenge on the system, no matter the consequence.

Gladiator – Foxtel Go

Our boy Russell Crowe! What a movie this was. It was actually the first DVD my household purchased. A similar commencing storyline to Law Abiding Citizen, where a well-respected man comes home to find his wife and child murdered. In the Roman days though they didn’t have all the cool explosives and stuff, so a sword would be what settles this one.

Maximus, a well-loved Roman General is given the honour of from the Emperor becoming his heir, over his own son, Commodus. With Commodus being made aware of this, he decides to slay his Father before the announcement. Commodus, jealous of Maximus decides to get rid of his family and kill Maximus too. Little does he know that Maximus will have his vengeance.

The Equalizer – Netflix, Stan & Foxtel Go

Denzel Washington doing what he does best, kicking ass. Robert McCall is a retired secret agent who faked his own death in order to lead a simple life. It was all going smoothly until he meets a young girl in a diner who is under the control of a Russian Gangster (or Pimp).

McCall goes on a mission to buy the girl’s freedom, or at least destroy the dodgy operation occurring in his city. The Equalizer 2 isn’t too bad but again doesn’t beat the first movie.

Taken – Foxtel Go

Liam Neeson. That’s all I have to say. What I love about all of these revenge movies, is they always have a badass as the main character.

When his daughter is kidnapped when travelling overseas with her friend, Bryan Mills uses his old skills as a CIA agent to get her back. Even though this movie shows us the terrible reality of the prostitution trade, it’s action-packed and isn’t dull for a second.

Never mess with Liam Neeson; He will look for you, he will find you and he will kill you. There is also a Taken 2 and Taken 3, but they aren’t as great as number 1.

Man on Fire – Google Play

Denzel again! He’s just a man who wants justice, I guess? This one is a movie that my Dad inspired me to watch.

John Creasy, an ex-CIA Agent is pissing his life away with excessive drinking. He is called upon to be the bodyguard for a rich family’s nine-year-old daughter. He accepts the mission and is slowly getting his life back together, with a new purpose. When everything seems all well and good, nine-year-old Lupita (Dakota Fanning) is kidnapped.

Creasy won’t stop at anything until he gets Lupita back. Another action-packed movie for a Saturday night, or any iso night in fact.

Michael is an educator and writer from Melbourne. He enjoys writing about movies, sport, education and Italian Life.

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