Self Isolation List, Week 8: The ‘Mini Series’ List

Images of inbetweeners, Goggle Box and Fawlty Towers Cast

As a Victorian boy, I am very happy to hear that from June 1st that we may be able to sit at a café again!! That’s where I enjoy doing my writing. Nothing beats sitting on an outside table of your favourite café, looking over a glistening lake in the sunshine. It sure beats sitting in a dark room, moping because you haven’t seen your mates in two months.

With that being said, these lists may trickle to an end, and I may actually start being able to write about current movies or even AFL (which returns on June 11th, YAY!) I am loving these lists though, and I hope you are too.

Week 8 brings us to a different kind of list, a mini-series list. I thought, why sit down for 2 hours when you can sit down for 8? I’m not a big series watcher these days, so I prefer mini-series or a series that you don’t need to watch in sequential order. I’m a big Seinfeld fan and will be until death. Enjoy this week’s list, and I hope you can give one or two a go.

The Mini-Series List:

Bloom – Stan

This one is an Australian drama. My wife came across it and enjoyed its interesting idea, of what if we could become our younger selves again and do things over? It sounds lovely and inspiring but unfortunately turns into murder, betrayal and the re-evaluation of individual values.

The gist of this one is that five people in the small town of Mullan die in a flood. Wherever they died, a beautiful, magical plant grows and this plant transforms them into their former glory, giving them the chance to fulfil any regrets. The kicker is that this power only lasts a few days unless more of the plant is eaten. With many on the quest to locate more plants and harness their power, the discovery is made that if the plants get pulled out they die, then that’s it, it’s over. Or is it?

Underbelly – Stan

I love the history of Australia’s gangland wars. The first series of Underbelly (2008) shows the story of Melbourne’s Gangland war between 1995 and 2004. It was the Carlton Crew against Carl Williams. This 13-episode series is the first of many, with other series showing different eras of crime and corruption in different states of Australia.

I guess this one is so interesting because it’s based off true events close to my home, and let’s face it, we all love a bit of gangster warfare.

Fawlty Towers – Stan & Foxtel Go

John Cleese stars in this hilarious comedy about a highly strung, neurotic hotel owner. This classic comedy has only two seasons, of only six episodes each, but is well worth the watch. The episodes don’t link, so you can watch any as you please, just like Seinfeld.

Every episode has a different problematic guest or a different problem. The waiter Manuel is hilarious and is just as stressed out as the owner, Basil. This one is probably more suited to people of an older age group, or those who appreciate over-dramatic classic comedy.

 The Inbetweeners – Stan & Netflix

Another British coming of age series about a group of four grotesque adolescents who only care about getting booze and getting laid. This whole series comprises of 18 episodes (6 episodes over 3 seasons), and has also had two movies made. A good one for a laugh if you like crude humour.

Will McKenzie, a distinguished and intelligent student moves to a new town where he meets Jay, Simon and Neil. They go on many adventures (more like, misadventures) while getting traumatised by the head of their school, Mr Gilbert, and Donovan, the school bully. You end up feeling sorry for the group, yet will constantly laugh at their misfortunes.

Sherlock – Stan

I love the different renditions of Sherlock Holmes. This is another one of those, but it’s a clever series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. The annoying thing about this show is that there are only 3 or 4 episodes in each season, meaning you would wait forever on free to air. Luckily for you this is a streaming list so it’s at your fingertips!

Sherlock has slightly longer episodes than a few of the other mini-series, being feature-length (around an hour and a half). I love how this version is based in modern-day London and displays some outstanding acting. If you’re a Sherlock or a crime mystery fan, this is definitely worth a watch.

Goggle Box Australia – Foxtel Go & Channel 10

Not really a mini-series per se. It just has a limited number of episodes in each season, so if you’re a dedicated couch potato, you could technically knock out a series a day. Please don’t ever do more than that, there’s so much to do outdoors too! This show is pretty much-watching people like you, watching TV shows throughout the week. You see their mostly comical reactions as they sit back at home with a bev and enjoy. Sounds like a terrible idea for a show, but I guess it’s so good because you’re watching everyday people, so there’s no pointless gossip involved.


Other interesting ones that I’ve heard about:

Band of Brothers (Foxtel Go) – Wartime 10-part miniseries. Each episode follows the story of a soldier. Is definitely worth a watch if you are into war series, and accurate history.

Black Mirror (Netflix) – A very weird and quirky series about technology and where the world could possibly end up. Honestly, the episodes are a bit of a mind f***.

Michael is an educator and writer from Melbourne. He enjoys writing about movies, sport, education and Italian Life.

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