Self Isolation List Week 9: The ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ List

Leo DiCaprio is Wolf of Wall Street

This week I focus on one of the biggest names in Hollywood – Leonardo Di Caprio. Over the years he’s brought us the highest quality of acting, in some never to be forgotten blockbusters.

In a few of these, he has had some other amazing actors co-starring, such as Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, to add to the high-quality acting calibre.


The Departed – Google Play

I heard good things about this movie. Starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon, playing a police officer and a snitch. But who’s who? Add Jack Nicholson as a Mob boss, and put the cherry on top, for what is an amazing film.

This is one that you have to watch intently, or you’ll lose the plot, literally. Not only does it have an interesting and creative storyline, but it also boasts a lot of action throughout.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Foxtel Go

Quentin Tarantino. Need I say anymore? You know this one is going to be a little messed up. Starring Di Caprio and Brad Pitt, this one follows a weird, yet edge of your seat storyline.

Rick Dalton (Di Caprio) fears his career is starting to go downhill. Luckily for him, actress Sharon Tate and her famous director boyfriend, Roman Polanski have moved next door, and Dalton hopes this will be his big break.

Dalton’s stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) ends up driving him around Los Angeles, as a result of him losing his license in a DUI. Whilst on their journey, they get themselves into a few sticky situations. The end of the movie is a good one, funny, yet gory as anything. True Tarantino style.

Catch Me If You Can – Netflix, Stan & Foxtel Go

I enjoy well-made movies that are based off true stories. I remember seeing this one at the cinema for the first time. Catch Me If You Can a drama about Frank Abagnale Jr (Di Caprio), a fraud, yet a great one. By the age of nineteen, he had millions of dollars to his name, simply by forging checks. He did this by posing as every professional in the book, including a doctor, pilot and a lawyer. Abagnale Jr discovered his talents while in high school when he posed as the substitute teacher for one of his classes.

Unfortunately for Frank, he gets found out and hunted down by Detective Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks). This one is like watching an epic game of cat and mouse. If you need any inspiration to be a con artist, get started by watching this one.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Stan & Foxtel Go

Another movie starring Leonardo, and funnily enough, another one based on a true story. The goal of Jordan Belfort was to become a successful stockbroker. He started his journey, only for his dream to be slashed when the worst stock market drop in history hit.

In desperation, Belfort gets a job at a dingy brokerage firm and uses his aggressive sales pitch to strike it rich. It helps when the commission he was getting was through the roof. Belfort goes on to build his own company, along with a partner, but unfortunately, their strategies aren’t entirely legal. What is it with Di Caprio always starring in movies about fraud and corruption? At least they’re always entertaining.

Inception – Netflix & Foxtel Go

Well, to be honest, I don’t like this one. I can’t argue with the critics that talk it up as being one of the best movies made, and it’s usually in the top twenty of many lists. Maybe it’s because it’s too complex for my simple mind, or maybe it’s just because I can’t be bothered focusing that hard.

Dom Cobb (what a name!) Is an intelligent thief who can steal secrets from deep down in the subconscious mind. With this skill, he is very sought after but is also a fugitive. His life is put in extreme danger, and nobody he loves is safe. Dom gets one last chance to change his life forever, but he must use a different skill, in planting an idea, instead of extracting one. A massive mind f***!

Shutter Island – Stan

I like this one, and I think it beats Inception. I can hear the people reading this (if anyone does), saying that I’m an idiot for making that bold statement. Surprisingly this is another one that is sort of complex, so it’s interesting that I followed.

Teddy Daniels, a US Marshall, is sent to Shutter Island to find out how a patient disappeared. Deep down Teddy is pleased to be going to the island, as this is what he wanted. While working on the case he comes close to a big lead, but unfortunately, the hospital does not want him to have access to any information, making it a lost cause. To add to this stress, a hurricane also hits the Island.

The grim Island seems to mess with people’s minds, as you will see when you watch this mysterious and eerie film.

Titanic – Google Play

Based on the true story of the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. The movie is about a poor boy called Jack, chasing an upper-class girl called Rose, whilst on the monster-sized ship. The sinking of the Titanic was one of the most tragic events in history, that could have been easily avoided if the ship had enough lifeboats. Di Caprio stars along Kate Winslet to bring you a true masterpiece.

Other Notable Movies:

The Man in the Iron Mask – Stan & Foxtel Go

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – Google Play

Michael is an educator and writer from Melbourne. He enjoys writing about movies, sport, education and Italian Life.

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