AFL ROUND 6, 2020: Heavenly Saints Brought Back Down to Earth

Saints Players Looking Dejected After a defeat

As all of the Victorian clubs head out of the state for the next few weeks, we turn our attention to some of the other states in our fabulous country. Don’t hate us Victorians, not everybody is flaunting the rules in our beautiful state.

Geelong 73 Def Brisbane 46

Geelong took on the Brisbane Lions, and it looked like Brisbane were in the driver’s seat. Up by 10 points at half time, with two Cats players injured, it looked like it would be another win. Little did we know that Geelong would pile on seven goals in the third quarter. Patrick Dangerfield performed brilliantly, as did Menegola, Selwood and Hawkins. Lachie Neale continues to impress and is still the Brownlow favourite.

Collingwood 59 Def Hawthorn 27

We expected more from Collingwood vs Hawthorn, but what we got was quite the opposite. Hawthorn had only scored 14 points up to 3 quarter time. Quite a pathetic display from a club that had not too long ago reigned supreme multiple times over. Grundy was much quieter than usual for the Pies, while Sicily was back to his best for the Hawks. Will Day for Hawthorn had a great debut, and you should consider chucking him into your backline if you need to gain some money.

Fremantle 79 Def St Kilda 73

Fremantle headed into the game against St Kilda the underdogs. Surprisingly Freo took out the win by a single kick. Fyfe returned but looked very average and you wonder if it was worth playing him, with the Derby coming up next week. St Kilda’s up and down season can be summed up by a status written during the week by a fan that went something like – “I’d love St Kilda to carry my coffin at my funeral, so they can let me down one last time.” I can’t remember the words exactly, but it was great.

West Coast 67 Def Adelaide 34

West Coast and Adelaide didn’t surprise anyone. Adelaide now is clear on the bottom of the ladder, with no wins and six losses. To make it worse, they lost their captain, Rory Sloane to injury. Tim Kelly finally found his mojo, scoring a super 140 points. He may be a good replacement for Heeney, especially if he continues this form.

Melbourne 80 Def Gold Coast 63

Melbourne took out Gold Coast, but what a game from Izak Rankine! The first gamer kicked three goals, and two of them were standouts. He racked up heaps of supercoach points, and he will be on many coaches’ radars next week. If you have Rozee from Port in your forward line, it would be a good option. Max Gawn continues to be the dominant ruckman. If you have him in your team, you’re doing well.

Essendon 67 Def North Melbourne 53

Another game decided by a single kick was the Bombers against the Kangas. Essendon got the win in what was a bit of an ugly one. Shiel went into the rooms with a minor niggle, which affected his Supercoach score. Zaharakis finally found some form to lead the Bombers, so, unfortunately, Goldstein’s and Simpkin’s form couldn’t help the struggling North.

Port Adelaide 63 Def GWS 46

Port Adelaide continue to do pretty well, defeating GWS. I was eagerly watching this game as I have a few players in my team from these clubs. I was excited to see Connor Rozee having a good week. He racked up 54 points at half time when he has barely been scoring that for whole matches. Funnily enough, he bombed out and finished on around the same points. Next week he’s finally gone, thank goodness! Coniglio and Whitfield finally played a little better this week, and hopefully, it’s a good sign of things to come.

Richmond 34 Def Sydney 26

Richmond vs Sydney; what a terrible game. 34-26 ended up being the final score. What a pathetic display from both sides. The swans lost Kennedy early on which hurt them, and near the end of the match, they lost Heeney for the season to an ankle injury (yes, of course, he’s in my team).

Carlton 103 Def Western Bulldogs 51

The best match of the round was saved until last. Carlton thrashed the Bulldogs and surprisingly kicked over 100 points in a shortened match. They couldn’t do this in years, let alone in full-length matches! I was set to have a high Supercoach score before this match played. Unluckily for me, the 5 Carlton players I have in my team all scored pretty poorly. Cripps went into the rooms injured early. He came back but didn’t have an impact at all. I wish I didn’t listen to others and put Casboult in my team, he had another pretty poor week. Docherty bombed out too, but lucky for me many tipsters have the usual gun. If you look at the stats for the game, you would think the Dogs smashed the Blues. Funny that.

I’m looking forward to next week’s Derby between Freo and West Coast, mainly to see if they get 30000 spectators into the stadium. I’m also looking forward to seeing if Carlton can continue their form for this week. Geelong, Brisbane and Port seem to still be the in-form sides to beat for the season. Will we see any footy played in Victoria? Will we see the whole season fold if cases continue to rise? It sure is the most interesting season of AFL I’ve ever seen.

Michael is an educator and writer from Melbourne. He enjoys writing about movies, sport, education and Italian Life.

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