Who Should Replace Anthony Seibold?

Anthony Siebold

Normally a head-coach who loses a Qualifying Final by a horrendous 58 points and, who this campaign, occupies a 3-12 record, wouldn’t be in a coaching job for long. Let alone as head coach of the once very successful Brisbane Broncos. So, it’s no surprise that Anthony Siebold was sacked yesterday afternoon. Both Red Hill fans and Rugby League fans alike had come to this consensus long ago. So, the good ole Brisbane board, including Darren Lockyer, finally pulled their heads in and decided he is in-fact not the guy to see their once-beloved club into the future.

Here are the top five candidates who should be considered to take over his position.

Craig Bellamy – Current head coach of the Melbourne Storm

The Broncos have won an outstanding five Premierships throughout their relatively short existence as a club. Whilst Bellamy has won four Premierships throughout his coaching career (if you include the stripped titles). And to top it all off, from 2003-19 he has only missed the finals once (when Melbourne was forced to finish last due to their salary cap breaches). He and his Storm side are well on track for yet another Top Four finish this current season as well.

He would bring a semblance of success to a Brisbane club that is sorely lacking it and he would no doubt get them back to the top of the table where they belong.

Signing Bellamy brings with some perks. There would be the potential for him to bring Cameron Smith over with him for a couple of seasons. Providing the Broncos with some veteran leadership they desperately need. And, he’s probably the man to be able to re-ignite Brodie Croft’s Broncos career, given that he previously coached him in Victoria.

Bonus points for the Broncos being able to severely damage their rivals with this move. Whilst its also a potential move that has been reported on many, many times in the past as well.

Geoff Toovey – Last coached the Manly Sea Eagles back in 2015 and the Bradford Bulls in 2017

Fifita’s antics in Bali, all the occasions that the Broncos have broken COVID protocol rules and the Broncos crappy defence. All those things and more that are currently wrong with Brisbane, a lot of it comes down to their mental toughness.

Toovey has a no-nonsense approach and this would straighten up the Broncos quick smart. And there’d be no more BS from Brisbane if he were to reign over the side.

In just his second season in charge of Manly, he took them all the way to the Grand Final (and he would’ve won it too if it weren’t for some very controversial decisions).

So, he is exactly what this lacklustre Broncos side needs, somebody with balls and somebody who’s successful. He might not be the most loved bloke in all of Queensland. But if he could do what he’s brought in to do, then I have no doubt he could win over Broncos fans hearts very quickly indeed.

Over their past seven games, Brisbane has given up 28 points to St George, 36 to Canberra, 28 to South Sydney, 36 to Cronulla, 46 to Melbourne and 48 to Wests! Those defensive frailties would be non-existent under Toovey.

Tim Sheens – Current head coach of the Widness Vikings

As a coach, he’s got an impressive four Grand Final victories to his name.

But he’s renowned for his re-building jobs. This is exactly what the Broncos are.

He took over a disjointed, struggling Tigers side in 2003 and ended up coaching them to 122 victories from 250 matches. Whilst he also parlayed the likes of Marshall, Farah, Richards and Hodgson into career-best form under his tenure. If he could do for Milford, what he did for Marshall, then his potential coaching contract would’ve paid for itself.

Imagine what his tough, yet winning mentality could do for many of Brisbane’s under-performing stars? The opportunities are endless. He knows what it takes to win at the highest level in Rugby League, both on a club-scale and a representative-scale. And it’s exactly somebody like that who the Broncos should be head-hunting.

Kevin Walters – Current head coach of the Queensland State of Origin side

Kevie Walters as he is affectionately nicknamed is Brisbane through and through. He represented the franchise on 252 occasions and was previously an assistant-coach to them. If anybody truly deserves the job on this list, then it’s Walters 100%!

Working massively in his favour is the fact that he is a born and bred Queenslander, having been born in Rockhampton.

Whilst his obvious strong alliance with both Brisbane and Queensland also earns him brownie points. And it’s through the Queensland State of Origin setup that he has coached many Brisbane players currently, as well as previously. He is strongly familiar with both their strengths and weaknesses and he knows how to best utilise them. And the pressure might be of him for a while if he were to land the head-coaching gig at the Broncos, which would help ease him into his maiden NRL head gig.

Walters would make a fine addition to his former club if they were eligible to move into the future with him.

Brad Fittler- Current head coach of the New South Wales State of Origin side

Fittler is a bogey choice for this role that has rarely ever been mentioned, if ever. And I honestly have no idea why?

For starters as a joke, I’m more than sure the Broncos would be happy to relieve him of his head-coaching duties for NSW. And in two of his three seasons in charge of the Roosters he had a winning percentage of 58% in 2008 and 63% in 2007. Not to mention he’s also passionate, intelligent and a veteran of the game.

He achieved everything there was to as a player. And as a coach, he was one of the major factors responsible for breaking Queensland’s long-standing grasp on the State of Origin shield. And he’s even won 2/5 games in charge of Lebanon such is the man’s coaching ability.

He would be an absolute steal if the Broncos were to somehow snare him away from his current duties.

He also cares a lot about his players and Brisbane look like they could do with a little ……. or a lot of that at the moment.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, arguably the best five candidates to replace Mr Anthony Seibold. Each candidate would bring their own unique qualities to Brisbane. However, also most importantly, all are also tough coaches who tend not to take BS from anybody. And that is exactly what this spineless Broncos sides need at the moment. Now back to the media to continue to watch their coaching circus unfold right before our own feasting and hungry eyes.

Toby is somebody who is a knowledgeable and passionate sports fan, but none more than the NRL. From a young age, he has been covering and supporting Australia’s greatest code. He has diplomas in both sports and business, while he loves a good laugh, some good food and travelling.

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