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Manly Sea Eagles Looking Dejected
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As a Manly fan, I have been incredibly fortunate to see my team win two Grand Finals live. That’s more than some clubs have ever won … period! So I understand that with the good times, bad times will come around as well. I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. But as a paying member, I should be able to rest with ease knowing that my club is headed in the right direction and quite frankly I don’t believe it is in the slightest.

Massive questions need to be asked of the club such as:

– Why was Des Hasler re-signed for a further two years?

– Why is their attack stagnant and creating virtually nothing out on the field?

– And finally, although I have so many more questions to ask, why wasn’t Tommy properly reprimanded for his Manly Corso antics? As it sets a terrible example within the club for the players and publicly looks Manly look weak as well.

Des Hasler’s deal is a stinker!

Around the time Dessy inked his new two-year deal, Manly had lost 10 of their past 11 games dating back to a fair chunk of last season. Their sole win during that period came against the struggling Bulldogs and even then, they conceded 20 points to them. How could this move possibly benefit the club?

I am incredibly appreciative of what Hasler has done for the Sea Eagles as are many Manly supporters throughout Australia and beyond but look at the complicated mess he left Canterbury in, one in which they are still reeling from. Whilst bringing back coaches/players doesn’t always pan out in the memorable way you’d like it to. Just look at Marshall and his return to the Tigers. Other than from a security standpoint for the players, it’s just a bad move and could come back to bite them very harshly later on if it hasn’t already.

What is up with the attack?

The Sea Eagles have come up with a meagre 6 tries over the opening 4 games of the season so far. Even with Trbojevic on the sidelines how are they faring so badly? Both DCE and Kieran Foran are playing in the Halves. While there is also the speed of players such as Jason Saab in the back to be able to utilize upon. It simply isn’t good enough!

DCE is getting paid roughly a million dollars a year and is one of the best-paid players in all of Rugby League. He has just 1 try this season and 0 try assists. As for Foran, he has 0 tries and just 1 try assist.

Outside of that Dylan Walker, is playing shocking and it’s beyond a joke how he’s still getting picked week-in, week-out for Manly. What on earth does Hasler see in him that many others don’t? He has made 5 errors this season and has 0 tries, as well as 0 try assists to his name. Whilst his RD2 performance against his former club South Sydney at Lottloland was just dreadful. All three need to be doing so, so, so much better than that of what they currently are. Show some pride in the jersey and those that you are representing! They are just a part of the Sea Eagles current attacking woes.

The Sea Eagles only trial game before the season resulted in a 52-18 hammering at the hands of the Tigers. Then in the season opener, they lost by 42 to the Roosters. South Sydney then had their turn as they won 26-12. After that normalcy resumed as they were thrashed 38-12 against St George. Then most recently and at home mind you the Panthers prevailed 46-6. It’s laughable to say there have been any improvements within the side this season, it’s been the same crap every round, albeit just against different teams.

It’s Tommy’s time to go!

I really don’t care how harsh this sounds but to have a footrace late at night in Manly just because some random guy challenged you to it regardless of whether you’ve been drinking or not is unacceptable. Well, if your Tom and have hamstrings made of glass it is anyway!
For yet the umpteenth time he has missed the start to Manly’s dismal campaign because of a hammy injury he claimed came about as a result of slipping on his bathroom tiles. But then it later emerged that the ‘Manly Corso’ incident happened around the same time as when the injury occurred. So who’s to say how it happened?

If you are paid a million dollars a year and you already have a beyond shocking history with that type of injury why on earth would you do something that could potentially trigger it? His contract should’ve been torn up on the spot, I don’t care how good of a player he is. Manly doesn’t need players who are pulling stupid and public antics like that. And if he weren’t injured imagine how much he would be helping out Manly’s attack at the moment?

So many bad things are occurring at the club at the moment and virtually no leadership is being shown to guide the club out of the dark times and into the good again. The Bulldogs and Cowboys being around may literally be the only reason that we don’t claim the Wooden Spoon this year and even then that may not be enough to stop it. So many habits and bad trends need to change and those listed were just the beginning. To the players and to the board, please change, if nothing else then for the sake of your loyal, unwavering supporters.

Toby is somebody who is a knowledgeable and passionate sports fan, but none more than the NRL. From a young age, he has been covering and supporting Australia’s greatest code. He has diplomas in both sports and business, while he loves a good laugh, some good food and travelling.

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