SEX/LIFE: Giving Any Average Joe With Password Protection Knowledge, Confidence To Study Psychology

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Well, there’s a few things that Netflix’s Sex/Life has taught me over the past month, and none of them are positive; I have no faith in Psychologists, my manhood isn’t as impressive as I thought and I’ve wasted eight hours of my life watching, plus the thirty-five hours overthinking the stupidity of the characters, and the conclusion of series one.

This is the story of Billie Connelly, the dissatisfied, lonely housewife who wants it all. Unfortunately, unlike most people (especially a Psychology Major) who would talk about the way they are feeling with a husband, or a counsellor, Billie decides that she will do the opposite. By opposite I mean, watch her ex-lover Brad screw her best friend, while she strums herself violently with her husband and two kids in the next room. Not to mention video chatting to see his member, bringing him on a double date with her husband, and also sneaking out to meet him for hours, without checking up on her little children. The confusing bit is, even though she almost lost it all (or at least 85% of it), the merry go round continues back and forth to the very end, literally.

There are a lot of women claiming this is a fantastic life-like story, showing a woman being able to be her ‘true self’. I’m sorry, but I missed the part where this supposed ‘Psychology Major’ spoke to her husband about wanting to go back to University, or where she told him anything about her past that might’ve been relevant, you know about the ex-lover who she was having a baby with a few years prior.

Billie isn’t the only disappointing character in this series. I mean, she is definitely the worst (sorry to the feminist groups). There’s also Brad, the ex-boyfriend, who to be honest didn’t seem to do much with Billie apart from 73% of the Karma Sutra. Ok, eventually they fell in love and were having a baby, but in typical Brad form, ends up cheating on Billie multiple times, and kicking her out when she was at her lowest. You’d think that they would have spoken at some point after that, but like the rest of the show, there are too many missing pieces, so who knows?

Brad is toxic, and even though he claims he has changed 8 years on, his despicable and invasive acts with his iPhone tell me otherwise. There will be one thing that this Aussie will be remembered for, if not for SEX/LIFE, and that’s his impressively large penis (episode 3 – I know you’ve already searched it).

Cooper Connelly; the devoted ‘good guy’ husband of Billie. In the beginning, it seems like he is the perfect man; a great provider, attractive, great body and loves his family. There’s a little bit of a problem, he totally disregards his wife, making him a bit of a shit bloke. In saying this, I feel for him. We never see or hear Billie talking to him about the way she is feeling, even though it seems fairly obvious that she is in dreamland most of the time.

Cooper seems like he would be the type to be able to talk about these things, but again, how do we know what has happened in these past eight years? (Another gap in this terrible plot). Instead, the poor guy has to find out what his wife was truly like in the past and what she is craving now, by reading her diary on her un-password protected laptop (yes, another shit plotline, honestly who doesn’t password-protect their laptop?). Cooper continues to make a few bad decisions, but I wonder how I’d feel if I were continually disappointing my wife and being the opposite of what she truly seems to want. As well as picturing her being fingered in every stairway, lift and restaurant by a bloke who is now sitting across me at a dinner table.

I’m not going to talk much about Sasha Snow, Billie’s best friend, who makes terrible decisions too, yet seems to be the voice of reason for her. Ironically, it is Sasha who inadvertently gets in Billie’s head about going back to Brad, even though the whole series she has tried to keep her with Cooper. Another contradictory instance. In saying that, Billie is changing her mind constantly, so you never know what is going to happen.

Longing for the past and post-natal depression are definitely real, but this storyline is definitely not. If you’re giving up on the thought of marriage, please don’t. Talk to your partner if you are feeling down and be honest about your past. It’s honestly depressed me, as a devoted husband and a father of a young child, so I hope season 2 has some more uplifting messages.

Even though I have trashed this show due to its plot, it has done one thing right. It has left me, and many others talking, overthinking and analysing what the hell happened in those last two minutes. It’s left so many gaps between a child’s play, and a sprint down the street, leaving us with two toxic people staring at each other, on the verge of opening up a cheating scandal, or an open relationship, who knows?

What it has done right, is leaving people hanging for a season 2 explanation. Well played.

Michael is an educator and writer from Melbourne. He enjoys writing about movies, sport, education and Italian Life.

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