Tough Week in The NRL – Bonehead Decisions Costing The NRL

Adam Elliot
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This week was simply a disastrous week for the National Rugby League. Three separate incidents were shined under further scrutiny resulting in a raft of decisions being made to protect each impacted club’s image and in the case of one, the Police charged onto the issue headfirst.

Curtis Scott

Curtis Scott was sacked from the Raiders, Adam Elliott was stood down from the Bulldogs and Josh Dugan was charged for an alleged COVID breach. This news comes as particularly disappointing given that just the other day Dugan’s teammate Andrew Fifita was in the news for all the right reasons after visiting a courage filled young Woman in the Hospital, despite Fifita himself battling his own health issues.

Scott’s sacking came after an incident earlier this year in which CCTV footage showed him involved in a fight at a bar within a Canberra nightclub. It’s also worth noting that the ACT Police charged him with assault.

As per part of Canberra’s Board of Director’s statement Monday, this was said, “The board has decided that Curtis Scott’s prior behaviour and recent assault charge has brought the club into disrepute, and they could not ignore this and the responsibilities that his NRL playing contract entails”.

Can you really blame the Raiders for making this decision? I don’t think so, he is literally a ticking time bomb that can explode whenever and wherever. Early last year Scott was arrested at the Moore Park precinct in Sydney after it was alleged that he had thrown a mobile phone at a passing motor vehicle. Then he proceeded to fall asleep outside the SCG. You just do not know what to expect from him.

However, the NRL is notoriously well-known for giving bad boys another shot at luxurious contracts. Just look at players such as Todd Carney, Ben Barba, Anthony Watmough who had numerous chances. Scott will do what he has to do mentally/rehab wise but expect to see him back playing sooner rather than later.

Adam Elliot and Millie Boyle

Adam Elliott too, similar to Scott has a troubled history. In 2018 Canterbury held their Mad Monday celebrations at the Harbour View Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. Later on, photographs would come to light that showed numerous players being heavily intoxicated, stripping naked and vomiting in the street, Elliot amongst them. The Bulldogs whipped him hard with a $25,000 fine, while he was also handed a notice to attend court for wilful and obscene exposure.

Then jumping forward to earlier this year he was involved in an incident with former Canterbury player Michael Lichaa and his fiancée. The matter was referred to the NRL integrity unit where it was solemnly looked after. Elliott pledged to the club that he would seek professional help with regards to his problems with alcohol. However, at 26 years of age and representing one of the biggest clubs in Australia, he simply should know better. Boneheaded idiots such as him are what tarnishes the NRL regularly, day in and day out regrettably.

Now the NRL are investigating a reportedly softer incident, but still a serious one in nature (as any are no matter how big or small, they may appear to be), in which Elliott was asked to leave an establishment this past Saturday afternoon where he was drinking with teammates. It has been revealed that Elliot was involved in an incident with NRLW star Millie Boyle in the establishments’ bathrooms. As a result, he’s been stood down for the final two games of the campaign. This would seem like the perfect time to make a statement about the club’s values and intentions by sacking him and making an example out of him, given they’ll not be in the finals this season anyway. But more then likely he’ll be allowed to return next season and continue his child like behaviour.

Josh Dugan

Finally, onto Dugan, he has a lengthy rap sheet just like Elliot with alcohol. Although what happened here appears to have nothing to do with alcohol. He was supposedly stopped by Police this past Friday night with a friend driving west through Lithgow. He was then stopped again by Police, 40 minutes later, still driving in the wrong direction. This as he appeared to have ignored their orders to go back home.

He also supposedly told a bunch of different things to Police in relation to why he was headed there (a new whole level of stupidity). He and his mate have now each been charged with 2X counts of failing to comply with COVID-19 directions. They’ll both be facing court in Lithgow later on in the year (October 7).

Dugan earlier this year was fined $25,000 and denied the chance to play for Cronulla in QLD after breaking the NRL’s strict COVID rules by being caught eating at a restaurant in Potts Point. Is this the straw the breaks the camels back for the former Blue and Kangaroo? My verdict, if Cronulla had any sense, they’d tear up his contract ASAP and tell him to never come back.

So, there you have it, four boneheaded players, doing three amazingly stupid things, each having paid a severe price for their actions. And not that it would make it much better, but it’s not even their first rodeo when it comes to dragging the great sport of Rugby League through the mud. In these trying times where people are struggling to pay the bills and are losing jobs all over the place, these arrogant, selfish morons should be ridded of as soon as they create more chaos. END OF!

Toby is somebody who is a knowledgeable and passionate sports fan, but none more than the NRL. From a young age, he has been covering and supporting Australia’s greatest code. He has diplomas in both sports and business, while he loves a good laugh, some good food and travelling.

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