You; Teaching Us To Never Fall In Love With The Bookstore Guy

Penn Badgley as Joe

So, you’re one of those sickos who love to watch those movies about serial killers with fucked up minds, disassembling bodies of those around them? Great. You’ll love ‘You’, streaming right now on Netflix.

I’d heard great things about You a couple of years back but didn’t take much notice. I find it difficult to get into a television series unless it captivates me from the get-go. I guess that’s why all these short series premiering on Netflix lately are great for those with short attention spans.

My wife and I binged seasons one and two, and I have to say, this show has done quite well in my books. If you loved Dexter Morgan (from Dexter 2006-2013), then you’ll love Joe Goldberg in this. Just switch forensic analyst with bookstore clerk, and you’re set.

Penn Badgley (also stars as Dan in Gossip Girl) stars as Joe Goldberg, a dark protagonist (or antagonist I guess). His M.O is that he falls in ‘love’ with women. But before he does (of course), he needs to stalk them and find out everything about them.

To some that might sound romantic. Joe is a lover of sorts who once he’s done the request research, will do anything for the girl he falls for. Be warned though if that adoration isn’t returned, let’s just say it doesn’t end well. Best not to be swept up by him Ladies. Although if you love literature, and you can put up with the questionable moral compass he might be the man for.

Season one was definitely a better season than two. The idea was original, the characters were intriguing and the box was an interesting concept (I won’t give away too many spoilers). At the end of Season One, it left me thinking “how the hell are they going to make a season two that isn’t a repeat of this one?” Like I said it’s an innovative concept but surely with a character like this, it was going to be difficult to keep the audience’s attention. I mean Joe is not a good guy? Are we really that deranged that a character with very few redeeming qualities can keep our attention for multiple seasons?

Unfortunately, like Dexter in some ways. Season two was similar to season one. I mean how many believable storylines could there be about a fairly one dimension character (in terms of his actions). Granted there were some different twists and turns throughout. But similar nonetheless. Having said all that it’s entertaining and enjoyable. Perhaps speaking more to my state of mind than anything? Definitely still worth the watch.

Season three premieres on Netflix on October 15, to be precise. I’ll give it a go, as I’m curious to see how Joe adapts to his new lifestyle in the suburbs, with different responsibilities on his plate.

If you haven’t watched season one or two, you still have plenty of time to binge – especially if you live in Victoria or New South Wales.

Happy Lockdown (again)!

Michael is an educator and writer from Melbourne. He enjoys writing about movies, sport, education and Italian Life.

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