#63 Tuesday Show | Live Ejac’s and Echos

Tre Young

In this shorter episode, the boys go over all things NBA playoffs (in the first round) and break down how teams are supposed to overcome their pitfalls.

Beginning in the East (07:32), the gents break down all things wrong in Brooklyn, aka Kyrie, and what they have to do to fix that. They talk about the Atlanta Hawks and their logjam of youth forcing higher contracted players out. They break into the West (20:11) and discuss the youth in New Orleans that has them bricked up. A few things that have them limp are in Utah, with the Jazz seemingly having a superstar issue. Do they stick with Rudy Gobert, the 3x DPOY, or do they run with their young superstar Donovan Mitchell?

Please tune in to find out where we go on these gorgeous takes #EjacSide


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