#65 Tuesday Show | Iron Chef and Squeaky Chairs

Steph Curry and Ja Morant
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

On today’s round ball pod, we are live and unplugged again! If you hear squeaky chairs, we are looking into some more noise cancelling, so please bear with us during this time of learning how to podcast with each other.

Otherwise, today is fun, covering everything from Iron Chef to NBA Playoff Basketball! The boys start (16:28) by covering the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns series. The main talking points included how amazing Luka Doncic is and how Chris Paul needs to stay in games! We move onto (24:04) the Miami Heat versus the Philadelphia 76ers! Here we welcome back the league MVP, Joel Embiid, into the series and discuss the prospects of Jimmy butler making the Hall of Fame?

Later (30:00), we get onto the injury series in Golden State Warriors versus the Memphis Grizzlies. Was Jordan Poole’s knee twist on Ja Morant intentional? Will Ja Morant be back for Game 4 or stay listed as out? Is this series over and Warriors in 5? And finally, we chat a little (38:39) on the Boston Celtics versus the Milwaukee Bucks in the final Eastern Conference battle! Giannis is playing out of his mind without Middleton, and seemingly so is Al Horford without Jayson Tatum. Will the Celtics take over if Tatum can have a reliable jumper? All that and much more are covered in this round ball pod!

Lastly (43:56), we have brought back QUESTION TIME for old times’ sake! Thank you to those great people who sent in questions regarding the NBA and NRL! We got to as many as possible, including predicting NBA Champions 2 years into the future in 2023/24 and the age-old question, “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”. All this and more on the round ball pod!

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