#66 “Thursday Show” | Rugby League Guru and Outlandish Bets

Matt Burton
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art


On a late oval ball pod, we are fortunate enough to have the one and only Rugby League Guru for some incredible insight and great shit talk!

We run an audible this week and cancel the ‘Yeah Nah Report’ for a little game of ‘Back to the Future’ (2:56), where we talk about all things we covered last time with the Guru. These include Matt Burton to the Dogs and how that experiment is panning out; Ryan Papenhuyzen being injured; how Bellamy gets his troops to lift in times of adversity; and the injection of older talent at the Brisbane Broncos. We cannot help but draw parallels to the end of last year and discuss the flatness of time and the Earth.

We then (21:03) move on to Team Of The Week (TOTW) and FFTO (Friday Footy Tip-Off) updates, where the Guru has a few choice words to say about Mick’s choice of Saab in the second round…but don’t we all? After a lot of head-scratching (38:01), we make our way to the Review section of the show, where Lachlan tries to convince us that the Penrith Panthers had the rare pre-origin bye this week and did not, in fact, lose. After sifting through the books, it comes out that the game of the round was a tough one to swallow, but not as tough as the New Zealand Warriors getting punished with more men on the field the entire game!

We zoom out of the reviews and into (46:28) Magic Round! The Guru has some choice words for the Waa’s vs South Sydney Rabbitohs and completely cuts down on Matty’s big bet but offers a little insight of his own, so everyone should be looking out for this multi! We talk mainly about how cut up the pitch will be and how bricked we are for Melbourne v Penrith!

Lastly (1:06:45), the Guru is gracious enough to stick around for his own little version of Question Time, thanks to all the fans who wrote in! There is a lot to unpack this week, but looking forward to each and every one of you joining us on this magic carpet ride!


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