The 5th And Dribble Lads Join Us | Kings Reign Supreme | Curry Marches Towards Top 10…

Jaylen Adams Sydney Kings
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The action from both the NBA and NBL has been nothing short of chaotic this week… Therefore, we thought we’d call in some backup to help us break it all down.

We were super stoked to welcome the lads from the “5th and Dribble Podcast” to this week’s episode…Matt and Lach are unreal value, so check them out on Instagram and tune in to their podcast, which you can find on all leading podcast platforms.

On this week’s show, we discussed the King’s triumphant win in the NBL finals and the JackJumpers’ phenomenal first season in the league… We also spoke about why the NBL is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading sports competitions.

The NBA action has also been heating up as we approach the start of the Conference finals… We all gave our title favourite at this point, and if Steph Curry is now a Top 10 player of All-Time.

We say it every week, but with the Conference finals rapidly approaching, the news will only increase… So that means one thing! Stay up to date with all our socials when the latest news breaks, and subscribe wherever you listen to the show to get episodes as soon as they drop.

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