#76 Tuesday Show | Matriarchal Monday

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art/NBA Jam

Welcome to the long weekend show! Happy Matriarchal Monday, where we are filming live and uncensored (as always).
Watch out because we are distracted by the oval ball in the background.

Today’s round ball talks about all things NBA Finals (5:17). How good is Stephen Curry? The Warriors get pounced on in Game 3, where Boston loves being in their beds. BUT! Here come the Wah’s! The Warriors have a massive Game 4 behind Steph Curry, which has us discussing Curry in his twilight and doing his best LeBron James impression!

Then the boys get a little silly with it and talk about who would be Steph’s partner in a 2022 version of NBA JAM! Klay? Dray? Wigs? An interesting chat and something we need to keep in the backlog!

Lastly, the boys cover a little LA Lakers and Anthony Davis not having touched a ball in months (36:12), which is concerning. What worries you more, Anthony Davis not loving basketball or Russell Westbrook still being on this team? Lastly, the boys cover Kenny Atkinson headed to Charlotte after this Finals run (41:03) and how the young kids in Charlotte need a little guidance! Surely a Draft Day trade is going to happen, but where?

Praise be onto everyone and all the support they are giving! Keep an eye on our socials for all the exciting things coming up in the not-too-distant future!

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