#80 Thursday Show | Rep Round Rundown

Dylan Edwards
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

On today’s show, the boys break down all things representative football, which means it is a quiet place in Penrith.

From Origin to Samoa, the Penrith Panthers are covered on all basis this weekend … except Dylan Edwards. The boys take a deep dive into the Origin changes for both New South Wales and Queensland and toss out some other names as to who we would’ve liked to see. Needless to say, in Freddy, we trust!

From there, the boys start the break down all things rep round. Do you New Zealand Kiwis have it in their star-studded squad to take down the emerging Tonga? Or will Tonga, without experienced halves, be the ones to prevail? Will the Samoan Ferrari, Charlie Staines, be a welcome addition to the Samoan squad or will the Cook Islands put up a fight no one will see coming? And what will come of Papua New Guinea against Fiji? Will some emerging stars shine through, or will the Kumuls have their way with the Fiji Bati?

Only time will tell, but we’re here for it. Let’s sink beers and dribble tangents and yarn our way through!

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