FINA’s Ban and Adam Sandler’s Hustle with the 5th and Dribble Podcast

Liam McGrath of the Give Em liam Podcast

This week on the Give Em Liam Podcast…

At the top of the show, Liam gives a shout-out to the network and sponsor that make this crazy network possible; and

Next, he discusses FINA’s decision to ban transgender women from competing in elite women’s swimming and offers what he thinks might be a more sensible solution than just a one-size-fits-all blanket ban.

Then, Matty and Lach of the 5th and Dribble Podcast join Liam to discuss Adam Sandler’s new movie Hustle. Spoiler alert they all loved it. But stay tuned for some exciting takes as they break down the movie and its impact on the top sports movies of all-time list.

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