#82 Tuesday Show | Hot Garbage

Nathan Cleary NSW Blues
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

Once a sell-out, always a sell-out. The boys sound a little different this week, thanks to The Hills Podcast and Video Room! We were able to secure the bag and sound a little seedier for you! Keep an eye on the team as well.. she be growin’!

The boys start, as always, breaking down the weekend and all the content we created with the bredren affiliated with TheCoverAU (Praise be)! Joey Manu skippers the side behind his 404-metre effort for the New Zealand Kiwis, and the Uso’s from Samoa, Taylan May, Izack Tago, David Nofoaluma and Josh Schuster make up the bulk of the pack! Then, Rep Round TOTW (09:42), where only people out of Origin got a shout.

The boys then launch straight into Origin Humpings ft. The New South Wales Blues over the Queensland Maroons, 44-12. Cleary can’t play footy? Yeah okay. Munster, the next King of Origin? We have the Kingslayer in Cleary, the second coming of Andrew Johns. The pack was rolling, and we are bricked up for it!

All this and much more greatness, ft. the new Sherpa, on this week’s Tuesday show! See you Thursday for all things previews and a shorter round of footy!

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