#84 Thursday Show | Farts and Pre-reviews

Victor Radley
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

Content has been king this week, and we hope you enjoy it. Today we get into all the usual formalities of praying and previews, but we get a lot of dribble going on in between.

The boys deep dive Round 16 of the NRL. Today brings the Manly Bin-Chickens taking on the Melbourne Storm with their prized fullback returning. FFTO is Spoon Bowl 52 with the Newcastle Knights taking on the Gold Coast Titans; yay. Could there be a worse game? We chat the Black Cats in Penrith taking on the Sydney Rooster *cough* Penrith 13+ *cough* and then fall down the rabbit hole.

This is where you will see the boys get dribbly. First, farts. Then, Victor, the Inflictor, is getting investigated for *redacted* movements to another NSW Blues member. Finally, NRL nicknames. The boys start to do a deep dive on NRL.com’s listed nicknames. They become increasingly disgusted with some of the boys’ lack of flair and photos. Shout out to the North Queensland Cowboys page, who have asked their pack questions and gotten a little detail on their page. Don’t worry, Scotty Drink, I cannot live without chicken schnittys either.

If you enjoy this dribbly and just yarning content, please stay and live the journey with us! If not, we will be back Tuesday with our regularly awesome programming. #PraiseBe

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