#86 Thursday Show | Keeping up the the Wah-dashians

Xavier Savage
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The boys have to play catch up this week on the oval ball because there was a round ball for the Tuesday Show!

Sh*t tonnes has happened in the NRL world over the last week! Count it out! A full round of footy. Transfer news out the a**. And a whole bunch of Tears in Tigertown. From Canberra going all-in on Xavier Savage to Adam Doueihi telling Coach Kimmorley to drop him, where do we start?! We start like we start every oval ball pod and break down the week’s team, captained by a 5-try Edrick Lee! Lach and Matt discuss this possibly being the weakest Team of the Week, but you be the judge! We then break into a tied Friday Footy Tip-Off where Matty B backed said, Knights. Then we bring up Fantasy, but it is apparent Matty B doesn’t want to talk about it, so we digress!

From Reece Walsh tearing up his contract to where we think Luke Brooks might end up after this deal is done, we get dribbly. From there, the boys do a deep dive on a jam-packed Yeah/Nah Report. Then we talk the big ins and outs for this shortened round, including Nicho Hynes testing positive for covid and being out. Still, Jayden Brailey making his much-anticipated return back after his extensive injury! 2 Brailey’s in rugby league? What could be better?

From there, the guys break down all things reviews. Matty was at the homestead this week, so that he couldn’t watch many games. He said Melbourne storm back against the Manly Bin Chickens. Later, Black Cat Penrith Panthers, led by Api Koroisau, ran over some Sydney Roosters in the final minutes of a wet one. And finally, he also saw some North Queensland Cowboys wrangle up a couple of bucking Brisbane Broncos. Lach filled in the details with all the other games. How bloody ripper! Not to mention a heart-warming reunion for the New Zealand Warriors back at Mount Smart Stadium after 1000+ days.

Finally, the lads end with some Previews of the short week where the Storm might slay some Sharks; the Bunnies run riot on some Knights and the Eels… well, who cares? All this and more on a jam-packed oval ball! It’s the Eels.


12:43 TOTW, FFTO, Fantasy
21:34 Yeah/Nah report and Big Ins/Outs
47:44 Reviews
1:24:40 – Previews

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