#89 Tuesday Show | OJ and Hot Showers

Joey Manu
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On this fine Tuesday, be prepared for some dribble and yarn. The lads discuss all things around curing a cold, including and not limited to destroying a 2L bottle of orange juice. Public service announcement: Don’t be that gronk that buys pulp-free OJ. You know who you are.

The lads chat about their weekend as they always do, which involves 5-0 soccer, the adventures of someone with a recovering ACL injury and a rushed score out of 10 on the new Thor movie. Chris Hemsworth, a dear friend.

Then the lads get into some footy. Breaking down the TOTW, captained by a stellar performance from Joey Manu at his first go in the six, it could have also been Latrell Mitchell after he snatched Burton and Foxx’s souls. A few blood baths on the weekend, including the Sydney Roosters and Manly Sea Eagles running up the scores on the St. George Dragons and the Newcastle Knights. ON that, how poor are Newcastle? My goodness. Good luck over the next five years, Kalyn. Toughies.

From there, the lads discuss all things Papenhuyzen and the shitty run of injuries he has had. They break into a song and dance about how devastating Latrell Mitchell was against the entire Bulldogs pack. There is also a discussion of a little wager that could go down.

Tune in for all things dribble.


22:01 – Team of the Week, Friday Footy Tip-Off, Fantasy

35:49 – Round 18 Reviews

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