#90 Thursday Show | Pre-Review and Waffles

Ryan Papenhuyzen

On today’s show, it is time to pre-review everything in Round 19!

The lads start by assessing the massive ins and outs. Most notable and game-turning are probably Payne Haas and the Bali Brothers, AKA the Penrith Panthers 7 Origin representatives. We got on a tangent about holidays and wondered if the mid-season break was a good idea. The Parramatta Eels, aka the Woy Woy Eels, decided to make a middle-of-the-season trip, and scrutiny has started again about Brad Arthur losing the player group. Why does nobody talk about the fact that he names his son and then only plays three guys off his bench? Lunacy.

When breaking down the games, we stumble across a fun little game, “Who would Connor Tracey start for?” The answers might surprise you. And as always, make sure to look out for us in Penrith at the Panthers versus Sharks game and in Parramatta for Bulldogs and Titans? Why are we going to the Sunday game, you might ask? Well, it is because we are sickos and want to see a Burto Bomb, Tino versus TPJ and have nothing better to do.

The lads introduce a new segment this week: “Free Real Estate”. What are the things that keep you up at night? Why did Donkey assume Shrek had a waffle iron? When do you start referring to double-sided pages as one page, not two? These are the questions we need answers to.

All this and much more in this Thursday show of the ages.

Ins and Outs: 09:36
Pre-Review of Round: 19 25:50
Free Real Estate: 01:17:11

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