#91 Tuesday Show | Return of the Sherpa

Tino Fa'asuamaleaui
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The Sherpa returns and tells us all about his gallivanting around Melbourne with none other than Manchester United. He then takes a sweet detour out West to the alleged foot of a large hill and looks around at the facilities there. He may or may not have seen some premiership trophies; it is all alleged, as you know! Long live the Sherpa!

The lads then roll into how they start all numero uno shows and talk all things Team of the Week. This week, a winger captain had three run-away tries. Let’s trot, baby! Then, Friday Footy Tip-Off, where Matty should be up but was hoaxed otherwise, and a Fantasy update #LongLiveTheKing.

The lads start today with the Sherpa tales and then run straight into the Fiasco in Townsville. Ashley Klein robbed another New South Wales team of a victory against a Queensland team, and Matty has some very choice words. Ever heard an NRL fan admit they should have lost? You might here. We then head back to the show’s top, where we cover all things Round 19. The lads chat about their weekend at various footy games, including Penrith v Sharks and Bulldogs v Titans. This ranges from Nathan being underwhelmed (or so the Piss King thinks) to Tino getting sprayed within an inch of his life. But we still love you, Tino.

All this and much, much more in our first-ever video appearance! (Check the socials, @5thanddribble)

22:43 – TOTW, FFTO and Fantasy
29:02 – Fiasco in Townsville, Cowboys versus Tigers
43:16 – Round 19 Reviews

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