#98 Tuesday Show | 3 sad mice

Hudson Young

On today’s show, the lads recognise that it is a little less fun doing a show about Rugby League when all of your teams lose, but someone has to do it.

The boys start, as always, about their weekends and what escapades they allegedly got up to in the city. This then somehow turns into Matty B’s driving record, and the Sherpa chimes in about what he has reportedly got up to behind the wheel. From there, the lads take a bit of a turn from the humour to getting down and serious. Please make sure you tune in, sign and share the petition for #NRLMEntalHEalthAwarenessRound wherever you can!

Lachy lost in the NRL and Fantasy… How bloody good. To perk back up, the lads start to break down the Team of the Week, and Matty B finally gets to rub in the fantasy win of all Fantasy wins. TOTW featured some favourites in Trell Mitt, Selwyn Cobbo (on a called hat-trick by Matty B), Cam Murray and Dave Fifita. It also had some newbies in AJ Brimson and Hudson ‘Hung’ Young! Tune in to hear the rest!

From there, the lads broke out into their reviews for the week! The Melbourne Storm, South Sydney Rabbitohs and Sydney Roosters were not friendly to the boys this week. Lachy had to relive all the pain and stress from Thursday night football, where the Penrith Panthers were held to a goose egg. The Sherpa had to relive all the pain and stress from Friday night. His Parramatta Eels did the same. And Matty B chatted about how it feels for his team to cross the try line but just how big, powerful and scary the Sydney Roosters are as they all turned up to beat his North Queensland Cowboys.

All this, plenty of banter, and much more to cover in all the other games! Make sure you tune in!

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