#99 Thursday Show | Lock up your Weetbix

Paul Green

The lads go on a little tangent in today’s show about their Aussie love affair with Weetbix. They open up the listeners to a few other ways to eat Weetbix and how many are physically possible for the human body to handle! From there, the lads pitch a new business idea as the “Time Thieves” (TM). Slide into the DM’s if you need assistance there!

In all seriousness, though, the lads take a bit of a dive on the unfolding week. As we all know, there has been some chaos in Newcastle between a few Newcastle Knights players and conflicting stories. There have been issues in the South of France with the one and only Stormin’ Corey Norman. This then encourages the lads to discuss their shortlist on who would be a part of the new fashion tycoon: You Know The Rectum. But seriously, eight weeks for that, governor? The lads talk about stamping out hate slurs, trolls in the NRL, and so much more!

Later on, in the Pre-Review, they get down to brass taxes. The South Sydney Rabbitohs are in red hot form and face a wavering Penrith Panthers. The North Queensland Cowboys are hitting a sky-high New Zealand Warriors up north. The Cronulla Sharks face flightless Manly Sea Eagles who seem down on their haunches on and off the field. There is wiggle room at the top. Who will make the push this weekend?

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