#100 Tuesday Show | 100*

Xavier Coates
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

In a twisting and twirling turn of events, the lads made it to their 100th episode! Get the clap sound effects out because today will be a big one! Jam-packed with all your favourite segments, episode 100 comes at you with a bang! Be sure to listen to the announcements!

Tipping off the show, the lads do a deep dive into their weekends as usual from the stories of Brookvale. As we all know, a great place to watch football and an even better place to see angry fans lose it at their football team. From there, the lads progress into a contentious Team of the Week (TOTW). With some questions about a few Parramatta Eels not being selected, the Sherpa is slightly upset but assured the Doc Guy knows what he is doing! NRL Fantasy talk rolls around, and the room is divided. Matty B gets to talk about his Finals prowess. Lachy has to launch an investigation on the whole operation!

The ladies of 5thanddribble special guests and jump on the show to play a little “Hot or Not”. Based on TheNRLRoast‘s “Top 100 Roasted” boys, the list shows mixed results! Some you would expect got scorching 4 out of 4 hot scores, and some shockingly got a 0 out of 4. I think the most shocking result was Joseph Manu!

The lads transition into their regularly scheduled programming and discuss the week of blowouts it was! Changing up the format slightly, the lads discuss from one blowout to another and some of the bizarre trends that happened. This included the Sydney Roosters scoring 72 on the West’s Tigers B-U-T Joseph Sua’ali’i not scoring somehow. The same could be said for Xavier Coates in the Melbourne Storm’s towelling of the Brisbane Broncos. The North Queensland Cowboys got a nice like win at home, ramping into the Finals. However, the Cronulla Sharks are firmly on their tails, causing the question, “Who will lock up the top 2?”.

Full of laughs, tales and Matty B highlighting his close personal friendship with Reed Mahoney, the lads had a lot of fun with this one and hope you do too!

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