#101 Thursday Show | Filling in the clown shoes

Liam Martin
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

On today’s show, we welcome a new co-host. Our brother from the Cover Mother, Liam from the “Give ‘Em Liam” Podcast and owner of the Cover Network! A tragic Raiders fan, Liam, joins us to discuss all things top 8 footy and much more.

Outside of the cold, Liam smells a little optimism in the air. Starting a bit differently this week, the lads break down the roadmap to the Raiders making the top 8 and what the vibe is like in Canberra. The lads then progress onto the Yeah/Nah report. They cover everything from the price of Ben Hunt to the Melbourne Storm deflecting in the media with their more minor signings.

Then, the fun stuff. The Pre-review comes along after a bit of gab and dribble, and the boys begin constructing their PlayUp multi. Convincing themselves into a Thursday night upset, the lads discuss how the Brisbane Broncos will get up over the Parramatta Eels. Then, the gloves are off, and the lads consider taking the 7.00 odds for the Penrith Panthers to put 51+ on the New Zealand Warriors. The North Queensland Cowboys get an excellent rap from Matty B (surprise, surprise), but Liam indulges him as he needs the South Sydney Rabbitohs to lose for his Raiders. Finally, the lads get to the sub-par Sunday games, and what have we done to deserve these games? 16th v 10th and then 15th v 14th. If you guys need us, we are available to watch the paint dry as it will be more entertaining. Scoring fests here and plenty of points to be had. Gamble responsibly.

All this and much, much more on this week’s second episode! A huge thanks to Liam for coming to hang out; you are welcome anytime!

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