#110 Thursday Show | Armchair prophets

North Queensland Cowboys
Photo Credit: North Queensland Cowboys/Cover Art

On today’s show, the lads talk all things NRL. But… a little basketball first. Shout out to the Australian Opals opening up their FIBA World Cup campaign in Australia tonight. These French players don’t know what’s coming!

On to the NRL, and the lads bring back the Yeah/Nah report. Is the pressure on the North Queensland Cowboys after having the week off? Is David Nofoaluma out of a job now Sua’ali’i pledges to Toa Samoa? Huge ripple effects throughout the entire Rugby League World Cup there! From all things David Fifita’s money to the Penrith Panthers potentially being fleeced of a lot of talent, all are covered.

The boys venture down Prelim Lane and talk all things NQL Cowboys and Parramatta Eels. The Eels window is closing and has been all year, but do they have one more win in them to make it to the big dance for the first time since 2009? Or will the same-day travel screw them and give the Cowboys the advantage? Either way, we will have a salty Matty or Sherpa! What a joke same-day travel is.

Then, Penrith Panthers and South Sydney Rabbitohs. The Forbes Ferrari (Charlie Staines) comes in for the suspended Taylan May, which may force Brian To’o over to the other side of the field. The versatile can do it all, so don’t be shocked if he is moved. On top of that, Alex Johnston has an asterisk next to his name after the injury suffered in the last game against Cronulla. How much strike does Josh Mansour/Richard Kennar give if he is out? Only time will tell how deadly that left edge is but make sure you close down Latrell Mitchell. He is on another planet with his form right now, and even though it isn’t “Trellianz Stadium”, he will be humming at home.

All this and a much bigger deep dive on this week’s Pre-Review Pod. Check it out!

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