#111 Tuesday Show | Salty B*tch

Parramatta Eels and Penrith Panthers
Photo Credit: NRL/Getty Images/Cover Art

Show one of the weeks; it was tough for Matty B. The lads started with such high spirits going into the show. They break down their weekends around the room, going from high to low. Sherpa had a great time at the Robbie Williams concert. Lachy’s Panthers put the Rabbitohs in their place. Matty B went to the homestead … and then the games.

The Sherpa has been lovely to Matty B, staying out of the DM’s and giving him the floor to cry first. However, he was not stepping back when his team was challenged. Credit where it is due; only two teams out of 16 can make it to a Grand Final, so well done, Parramatta. But also, Fk Parra. Matty B explains why his North Queensland Cowboys were robbed and how this adds to a long history of the Cowboys being stolen in the Prelim Finals. Sure, many of the stats were in the Cowboy’s favour, and they should have put it away, but there were three glaring issues by the referees in this one that cannot go unseen. Credit to the Parramatta Eels. Can they win in the Battle of the West?

Then, the lads break down the clinical win of the Penrith Panthers against the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Lachy was grinning ear to ear when discussing the performance the lads put in but did admit that he was worried. When the boys started putting 32 straight points on, those worries faded. Brian To’o seals the half with a great Cody Walker drop-off, and Nathan Cleary fills the entire game with his mastery and final try. Is he a constant smokey for the last shot of the game? This NRL Grand Final is for the ages, so tune into the Thursday pod to hear our Pre-Reviews.

After breaking down the games, the lads broke down the season. Handing out grades to every team and in-depth reasoning for the Top 8, the lads scored each team on their 2022 performance. They also factored in how this may stretch out into next year, the off-field business and what was smoke and mirrors.

This episode has a lot to offer and a lot to take in. Join us!

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