#112 Thursday Show | Docking with 2econdAgain

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

On today’s show, the lads are live streaming for the first time. If you are a visual learner and want to see and not just hear us, head click here. If you’re here just for the giggles, welcome back! This one was a right laugh.

The lads are joined by hosts Jacko and Nick from the 2econd Again Racing Podcast (2econdagain). For dudes with a horse racing background, they know their way around a Steeden for sure. The lads offer some great insight into this week’s Grand Final. From Jacko’s birthright to following the Parramatta Eels to Nick proclaiming that “of the 55 players [he knows], 17 of them would be Panthers players”. Matty B and Lach go back and forth on who will win. The lads overall don’t understand why Lach is noticeably sweating on camera. Is he that worried about Mitchell Moses and the Eels? The lads go around the room and drop their results on who will win the Clive Churchill Medal, the value they are paying and the margin in the game, so tune in for that alone.

The side tangents are plenty, so that is always fun.

Through these twists and turns, the 2econd Again lads display their craft. In this episode alone, they open our eyes to the complexity of horse racing and where the value is in punting 3-4 days in advance. When these lads get into the nitty gritty, we get excited and go quiet with anticipation. Hanging on their every word, some college fund money is being made this weekend! As always, gamble responsibly. If you love horse racing, give them a follow.

Enjoy the show! Like where you can like. Follow where you can follow. Aaaaaaand, we will see you in the next one! Up the Riff.

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