#115 Tuesday Show | East Over/Unders ft. Boston Dave

Joel Embiid Giannis Antnekoumpo, Jimmy Butler and Pscal Siakim
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

It’s transition time, which means basketball is backā€”time to hit the “Dribble” side of 5thanddribble.

Today’s show is a jam-packed one, so strap in! As always, with the Tuesday show, the lads start with how their weekends went, and the answer is a resounding: wet. The lads introduce and dive into a new segment, “Are you Shmarter than a Sherpa?”. This is where you, the listener, will go up against our very own Sherpa to weekly test his knowledge! This week we have the little Sherpa defending the title of the audience, and it was a good one!

The lads discuss all things Eastern conference, beginning with the South-East division. Thanks to Draft Kings, the best team to come out of the South-East is the Miami Heat. Or is it? With the Atlanta Hawks making some big moves, could they be in for a more significant season? How many in this division will tank for Victor “The Alien” Wenbanyama? How bad will the Charlotte Hornets be without Miles *redacted* Bridges? Only time will tell. Then, special guest Boston Dave joins the show to run through the Central and his beloved Atlantic division. The lads go back and forth on their Over/Unders and split on quite a few decisions. Who will take out the East, Boston of Philly? Are the Milwaukee Bucks concerned about the regular season at all?

These questions are answered and much more in a great, extended episode. Welcome back, NBA!


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