#116 Thursday Show | Basketball Breakdown

Draymond Green
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

On a bit of a shorter episode today, we are going to do a little bit of landscaping. The lads take a bit of a surface-area look at what is going on in the NBA and NBL.

As it is pre-season, there is not a whole lot going on. Yes, Draymond is punching people. Yes, games are happening. But, when the most exciting thing to talk about is Andre Drummond shooting 75% from 3 in pre-season, it is a boring pre-season. The lads dive into the NBA, checking in on Lamelo’s ankle, the injured stars coming back and wondering who might have a breakout year. Is this the best team Kristaps Prozingis has been surrounded by? Will James Wiseman come out and be another Evan Mobley? Only time will tell.

Once every bit of the NBA is drained, the lads bring it home. The NBL has kicked off, and the Kings are red-hot. You would not be able to tell that by the lad’s NBL Fantasy scores, but they are out here trying. Sydney will be taking on the Cairns Taipans this week, and it is less of a walk in the park than you think. Cairns is currently sitting 3rd behind Keanu Pinder and Tajere McCall. Will their run-and-gun pace set off the King’s perfect start to the season? Tune in on Friday night to see it!

Shhh, keep your eyes peeled for a weekend Rugby League show.

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