#116.5 Weekend Show | Half-chub

Cam Munster
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The lads wanted to talk a little Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) on today’s bonus show. So lucky you! The NRL is a shit-storm with all of the Des Halser** drama, and Lach has a few things to say. Would this have happened anyway? How will a friend of the show and writer, Tobias be with Manly being a dumpster fire?

The lads then take a semi-dive into the RLWC. Samoa versus England will kick off the group stages. Matty B thinks that Samoa could pump England, which may be an embarrassment in their home nation. But England has some throbbers. Lachy has a whinge about the squad numbers and is noticeably agitated. Then, the lads break down how much Australia will pump the Fiji Bati. Some say 13+, others 28+, and even more 40+. We shall see! Enjoy this quickie for your weekend ears.

** Des was still in a job when this was recorded.

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