#117 Tuesday Show | NBA Award Locks

Nikola Jokic
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The lads take a deep dive into NBA Awards on today’s show! The season starts tomorrow, so the way to early predictions must start along with it! Make sure you tune in with a jam-packed show and join the laughs!

Are you Smarter than a Sherpa returns with a new guest; a friend of the podcast Big Druzy. Will the Sherpa get one on the board, or will the listeners go two? From there, the Sherpa retells his homework, and the lads give him a grade. Was it Curry? Was it LeBron? Who is better statistically?

Later, the lads dive deeply into all your major NBA awards. Yes, this includes Most Improved Player. This award could be so, but it just goes to a fringe all-star. Yes, this includes Sixth Man of the Year. Another distinction that could be cool but is almost ruined by the media and playing schemes. Tyler Herro won last year but played the 3rd most minutes on his team?
Anyway, the lads provide you with a few stats for each award! FANCY! They also give you the odds, thanks to PlayUp. DOUBLE FANCY!

Tune in for all the regular segments, including weekends, bagging out Lachy and hear what the Sherpa has to study next week!

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