The NBL Is Back With A Bang | Adelaide Goes Global | Snakes Rear Their Head

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art/Adelaide 36ers

The debut episode of our new NBL-focused show came in with a bang this week.

Nic tackled the show this week by giving his critical takeaways on everything that’s taken place over the first couple of weeks of the season. This included discussing his new token team, the Cairns Taipans and their phenomenal start to the season, and the JackJumpers getting things back on track after a slow start.

We then looked at Adelaide’s phenomenal trip to the USA, in which they made Devin Booker and Chris Paul look like a pack of chumps after one of the more incredible 3-point displays in Nic’s recent memory.

The NBL has started at a breakneck pace, so stay up to date with all of our socials to toss any of the latest news from around the league.

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