#118 Thursday Show | Baked Beans and Ball

Malcolm Brogdon
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art/Boston Celtics

Yesterday was the best day of the year. Opening day in the NBA!

The lads take a deep dive on all things day one in the NBA and give you their opinions on where the teams sit after day one. The J’s, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were red hot for the Celtics. The Boston Celtics looked good, with Malcolm Brogdon contributing straight away, Noah Vonleh playing a role and everyone gelling. James Harden did everything he could for the 76ers. What happened to this revamped 76ers bench? Was this not supposed to be a game-changer for them? I guess time will tell!

Ring Ceremony and first wins! The Golden State Warriors came out and never looked uncomfortable. Stephen Curry and Co. handled the Los Angeles Lakers pretty easily. Bench points told the story in this one, as well as Steph getting hot in the second half. LeBron James did everything he could with 31/14/8 and, in typical fashion, could have had ten more points if calls went his way. Anthony Davis had something to prove with a substantial first-quarter grabbing steals and running the break. The benches told the story. The warriors looked more settled and profound than the Lakers and just strolled to a victory regardless of the Laker’s late push.

The lads then explain how good it is to have the NBA back and what games people should be looking out for.

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