#119 Tuesday Show | Tough weekend, tougher carry

Lauri Markkanen
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The voices and audio is distorted on this Tuesday’s show because we did not have our own voices 24 hours ago. We are sucking down (pause) on the mics to get some content out for you, soo, please bear with us.

The lads discuss why they have no voices due to the big weekend. Matty B did another lap around the sun, Lachy moved into a new party house, and all hell broke loose over the weekend.

The NBA has been going for a week. The lads look into some of their big calls made last week on today’s show. The lads play a few rounds of “It’s just one week, but…”. They then discuss the prospects of Lauri Markkanen being the Most Improved Player.

Let’s be serious, though; everyone is being shipped out of Utah. Danny Ainge must be seething seeing his team win, and that means they’re all gone. The Celtics, Bucks, Blazers and Jazz are the only undefeated teams, and the Lakers are a hot mess. Who would’ve seen that coming?

The boys then jump into a little “Who does he play for?” to spice things up. There has been a lot of movement in the NBA, and it’s time to test our knowledge! This will probably happen again around the trade deadline, so stay tuned for more of this banter.

Please stick with us; we will sound sexy again on Thursday.

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