#120 Thursday Show | Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit

Dyson Daniels
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

Matty B is still coming off some sickness, so bare with the boys on this one.

The NBA is yet to get into full swing, so the lads do their best to drop some knowledge on you about everything in the league. Portland is raising some eyebrows with their undefeated start, but one of the lads isn’t sure it is sustainable. The tank job for the Alien isn’t going well for some teams. Utah is doing its best to raise its value before everyone is shipped out of town, starting 3-1 on the season. Watch that diminish as they face the Houston Rockets, Memphis Grizzlies (twice) and Denver Nuggets over the next couple of days). A few more surprises in the roles of some Australian boys. Dyson Daniels comes up pretty influential in a big Ne Orleans Pelicans win over the Dallas Mavericks. And Jock Landale was also huge in the Phoenix Suns’ win over the Golden State Warriors. How many techs were dealt with in this one?!

The boys return home (to daddy) and chat a little NBL so that you guys get your complete basketball fix. The Sydney Kings are trying to set the record straight and pump the Cairns Taipans into the ground this weekend. And another team to keep your eyes peeled for, the New Zealand Breakers. They compete against their first two significant challenges in the Adelaide 36ers and the Tasmania JackJumpers. Are they on the rise or pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes?

Enjoy this Thursday episode – it was another hard carry for you, you boys!

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