#121 Tuesday Show | Under the Covers with Nic

John Wall LA Clippers
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The lads chopped and changed into a few different clothes today! As always on a Tuesday show, the lads started with a little weekend and a cameo from the Sherpa. Are you Shmarter than a Sherpas was played early in the piece because the lads were required elsewhere! The Cover signal went up into the night sky, and the lads jumped onto The Daily Dribble podcast to chat all things NBL and NBA.

Nic, from The Daily Dribble, came firing at the lads with questions left and right regarding the NBL and the boy’s returned serve! Kings will be the Kings, but can they go back to back? What is happening in Cairns? What is happening OVER THE POND?! Their social media team is the only thing better than New Zealand on the court!

Switching gears to the NBA, the lads talk about who has been the most disappointing to start the season. Is it the Lakers, Nets or Clippers who have let down the most? Can all those teams turn it around? Would you trade AD or Westbrook first? EVERYTHING and more is answered this week so tune in!

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