#122 Thursday Show | Interrupted programming

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

With the NBA still chugging along and a few stories coming out of the woodwork, the lads jump in head first! The news of the day: Steve Nash and the Brooklyn Nets. Steve Nash has been let go, and Matty B cannot get over how parallel this is to Jason Kidd at the Milwaukee Bucks. Will Nash come back into the coaching realm? Will the most winningest coach in Brooklyn Nets history be better on another team? Will he be an analyst for the World Cup coming up in Qatar? Who knows. We try, though!

The lads get vibey on this show and become interrupted in the middle forcing a change of scenery. Does that stop them? You bet it doesn’t! Hitting their stride, the lads dive back in to talk all things standings, and how cooked the West is shaping up. PG has been a beast. The Warriors are yet to fire. And the Lakers, dumpster fire.

Enjoy this whole Thursday episode!

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