#123 Tuesday Show | Stay humble

Alex Caruso
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

On today’s show, the lads take things to the next level! New intros mean more structure, so send us your feedback on them!

From there, the lads start every Tuesday with the download of the weekends! Lachy and the Sherps hit the town several times, and Matty B was left holding his d**k. No matter, Matty B enjoyed his time with family while the boys were getting silly on Saturday and paying for it on Sunday! The Piss King spreads a few fibs, and Lachy has to defend himself. Then, we can talk about some NBA.

Kicking off the NBA portions, the Sherpa finally hands in his homework. No detention today! The lads take a deep dive into all things Chicago Bulls, and the Sherpa starts to learn about positionless basketball and why some people are more impactful off the bench. #WeLoveGoran. Then we head around the league. Matty B and Lachy start to break down some of the big stories! Kyrie Irving, a mainstay in the headlines now, has been dropped by Nike. Will he play in the NBA again? Giannis ensures everyone knows he is humbled by God, not blessing him with a 3-point shot. And, lastly, a few significant injuries to some key title contenders leaves question marks over the Phoenix Suns and Toronto Raptors.

Tune in for a jam-packed show!

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