#124 Thursday Show | Chemist Daiso

Donovan Mitchell Cleveland Cavaliers
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

Thursday’s show is in full effect! Welcome back to the 5thanddribble podcast, where the dribble flows on Thursday while we look at some minor stories around the NBA. With a new home studio set up, the guys take a little deep dive into some of the trades that the Lakers could look at for Anthony Davis. Teams include Brooklyn, Chicago, the Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. Are you taking Davis Bertans for Anthony Davis to make the contracts work? Or would you hang up first?

Then, we briefly look at everything that happened around the league when all 30 teams were in action. Shout out to the NBA for churning the schedule and making voting a priority in their program. The Clippers broke the Cavalier’s win streak, the “First Round Round Robin” was in full effect, and the Jazz kept winning. Sprinkle in a little NBA discussion between Luka Doncic and Giannis Antetokounmpo, and there you have it; the Thursday show is complete!

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