#127 Tuesday Show | Lach and Sherpa Take Over Gingham Style

Ray Allen, Kevin Durant and Gary Payton
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The boys are missing their fearless leader on today’s show, but somehow, the world does not implode. After some uncomfortably unfamiliar introductions and a noticeable lack of Praise Bes, Lach and the Sherpa tackle the Tuesday NBA show head-on.
Weekends are checked before the Sherpa unloads his latest homework findings on Lach. Lach then carries hard as he has a one-sided chat on the (not quite) 5 critical takeaways from the NBA. Key takeaways include more than one Denver Nuggets and the correct pronunciation of the word gingham. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the middle of today’s show!

2:13 – Weekends
11:26 – Sherpa Homework
34:44 – Special Announcement
38:03 – (not quite) 5 Key NBA Takeaways

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