Start, Bench, Cut | 76ers Injury Woes Continue | Dwight Ballin In Taiwan

Dwight Howard
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

(Don’t Mind The Little Audio Blips, they Only Happen For A Few Seconds)

The lads were super excited to be in the studio again to drop another hot little episode of The Daily Dribble podcast… and this week, we had a bit of fun playing a few rounds of Start, Bench or Cut.

As many fans would be familiar, it’s a game consisting of naming three players and then deciding who makes your starting lineup, who’s relegated to the bench and who’s cut from the squad altogether. Some big names were thrown around, making this even more exciting, as the gents posed the route they would take with these scenarios.

We also tackled all the notable Odds & Ends throughout the week. Some of these included the 76ers injury woes continuing to worsen and Dwight Howard making his presence felt in Taiwan.

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