NBA Christmas Wish Lists | Motor City Loses Their Engine | Kuz Chasing The Bag

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With the holiday season right around the corner, the squad returned to give their NBA Christmas wish lists this week.

We took this from the approach of both teams & players and gauged what these particular entities would be asking the big man for this year… requests included a competent bench and a three-ball that would drop (we think the lot). They deserve coal).

The team also discussed all the notable Odds & Ends from throughout the week, which included motor city losing their engine in Cade Cunningham and Kuz chasing the bag outside of DC.

Given it is nearly Christmas, if you’re all out of gift ideas… we suggest giving the gift of “The Daily Dribble” podcast! If you have any friends or family that are basketball fans, we’d be super appreciative if you dropped them the link to our show. Not only would you be helping us, but you would also potentially get yourself out of having to buy a gift.

We’re also running a mailbag episode on next week’s show, so be sure to get all your basketball & non-basketball-related questions to us.

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